The return of the sacred tantric relationship by Lady Venus


Be blessed beloved sister, beloved brother of the ONE, the Beloved in all of you. I am honored to be given this opportunity to speak of the origin and necessity of serving in a sacred relationship. I want to speak to you about the return of the tantric relationship on the new earth. First beloveds I want to remind you of the true origin of serving and its purpose. There has indeed happened a great distortion of the true meaning of a sacred relationship and of tantric union. Because of the abuse of power, because of the neglection and surpression of the divine feminine causing humanity to fall out of divine equilibrium, so you have forgotten, that indeed you are one and because of this surppression a sort of competition within self between the divine feminine and masculine was created, between mind and heart. Great fear rose in the heart of humanity and you forgot the true meaning of serving, of being a servant to love, of being a servant to your next. You forgot that in serving another, you serve the “holy” in self.

Divine service thru sacred union was indeed practiced throughout thousands of years in different cultures thru the use of tantra. Not the tantra you have come to know in modern times, where it has often been misunderstood and misused for personal pleasure and this indeed is far from its main purpose. In the times where divine balance was still prospering on this planet, one would only enter a sacred relationship with another only for the means of serving a higher purpose, for serving as embodiments of god and goddess. Those kind of relationships were transpersonal in nature and have nothing in common with the kind of relationship you have come to experience in modern times. I plead you now beloveds to please once and for all let go of your fears, let go of your fear of being used, of being surpressed, of being manipulated, because those are the very energies, that will keep you in separation and will disable you from being of service to humanity. As long as you still vibrate in the bandwidth of ego and personal desires for sexual pleasure, you will more easily be subject to the lower energies of others, emotionally, sexually and energetically. Those attracted to personal power and controle will detect the signature of fear in your auric field and like parasites take advantage of your divine tantric energy for personal pleasure and (ab)use, which will keep you off track from your true purpose on this planet.

The tantric relationship of the new earth is one that is based on mutual trust, on mutual respect and uncondtional love. It demands a total surrendering into being of service to your partner, to serve a higher purpose, a purpose that goes beyond the personal. A purpose that transcends egoic desires. When two souls connect with these premises the chakric system of both will instantly align and build a vortex of love. They will so to say become one chakric system, a sacred cauldron and as a result an alchemical reaction will be ignited and activate the pineal gland of both and the outpour of the sacred nectar, Ambrosia, will be released and pour into the high heart and from there illuminate the entire body and auric field of the two. From the high heart space orgasmic waves of liquid light will be triggered and sending waves thru all layers of the earth´s crystaline grid and up thru the higher transpersonal chakras and into the lightbody and establish a direct alignment to source, to the cosmic heart of father, mother, god. And a vortex to the power of the vibratory rate of the 144.000 will be formed and activated, a field of pure christ consciousness and any person touched by this vortex will be catapulted into expanded awareness and the next higher octave possible depending on his/her current vibratory rate. In this illuminated space the Beloved in both will dissolve to the point, where they will not be able to identify nor differentiate themself from the other. It is a state of being where you transcend the sense of individuation, a space from which you transcend your story, your body, your gender and any emotions, that are originating from the personal, and a state of being of pure christ presence is forming in the two unrestricted by time and space.

So beloveds I invite you to trust that nothing will happen to you, if you surrender fully to love, if you commit with all your heart to being a servant to love. Meaning that you refrain from responding to the projections of ego of wanting to feel inferior nor superior, because divine equilibrium and equivalence is essential to being of service in a tantric relationship, as this can only be matched by two souls, that are one and (whole/holy) within themselves, feeling absolute equal within self and within the partnership. Understand that serving another being is the greatest gift, that you can bestow upon self, it is gifting your self as well as gifting your partner, the earth and all life. It is a sign of great spiritual mastery and maturity, that can only be achieved by those, that plead equality with all beings, with all life. So take this step with me out of the matrix of the piscean age, of the patriach dominion, that held you hostage whether man whether woman, you were all hostages to fear and to separation, the women, because they felt surpressed and inferior and the men thru their own surpressing of the divine feminine within, which was caused by their fear of losing power to the divine feminine, which they felt in fear of and inferior to. All because of the lack of understanding, that you are only aspects of each other.

In the emerging of and anchroring of the new earth consciousness, you are demanded to trancend those patterns and concepts of relationship, that you have outgrown thru extended inner work on your ascension path. Refrain from comparing or judging yourself or your partner, but see yourself as a servant and mentor of your next, of your partner. Not being afraid of showing weakness. Many of you feel that you need to show strength, that you need to stand above others to avoid to loose power, to always be one step ahead of the other in case you should be deceived, abused or abandoned. Dwelling in those energies will only attract just that. The necessity of letting go of those distorted ideas about relationship is paramount on this stage of your evolution to give space for the tantric sacred relationship, that you yearn for. For it is indeed your one and only purpose to serve love, to be conduits of divine unconditional love. What beautiful gift, what beautiful blessing are bestowed on those responding to that calling, to those willing to sacrifice their egoic desire and personal need for power and controle. In a tantric sacred relationship there is 100% equality and personal immunity and it is an absurdity to even thinking about being superior or inferior to the other, as you form ONE being, one organism, that together serve as a sacred cauldron for spirit in service of divine will.

Yes beloveds you are in truth servants of love and that is where you will find your purpose, it is where you will find home, it is where you will find fullfilment and completion. Kneel, kneel before the altar of love, see your partner as an embodiment of love and as a servant to you and devote yourself to serve him/her unconditionally as his/her (w)holy other. And the Beloved in you will encompass you and permeate your whole being and your partner will fall on his/her knees in accordance, if ready to respond to that call, and if he/she is not, it is not the one to form a divine union with. If there is no commitment by the other to respond to the Beloved within you, do not fall back into fear, because only by deeply surrendering to being a servant of love, you shall be the sacred cauldron thru which the Beloved will unite and melt into ONE. And in divine timing your true tantric partner will find you thru the magnetic vibration field emanting from your heart and only by being and vibrating in this frequency the magnetic attraction will take place according to plan.

There is indeed a great amount of souls on this planet currently holding this vibratory rate of divine service patiently vibrating as true servants of unconditional love standing-by to their tantric partner to turn up, who in some cases are still bound by egoic desire for personal pleasure or in other cases holding on to karmic relationships, that are outlived, but held on to because of old vows of responsability, that are mostly sustained by co-dependence and fear of being abandoned. Let it not divert you, let it not abstract you into becoming impatient. Every encounter and coming together of tantric partners will happen according to plan and in divine timing. There is no way of forcing or speeding up the course of events. Because all such sacred relationships has been agreed on on soul level and even if the coming together of these sacred couples in some case may seem to be delayed, there will be the needed support offered to each and every soul enabling the necesary awareness to be achieved in divine timing. And until having reached the vibratory rate needed to comply into sacred union with your tantric partner, there is still inner work to be done on either side to establish divine equilibrium within self, which is a premise to form a sacred relationship as servants to love. Until you will meet and unite with your tantric partner keep all your focus on the Beloved within, be unwavering beacons of unconditional love, not allowing yourself to being abstracted by personal desires or compromises.

For you will indeed recognise your tantric monadic partner beyond doubt simply because you will be profoundly telepathic connected, so any of the two that might trying to hide their true feelings and intentions will know this to be in vain, as there is a total coherence of all of the energy bodies of the two and all levels of their being, so they will clearly know, what the other thinks, feels and intents. Any attempt to pretend will be futile, as both will have a sense of being “inside the other” perceiving as the other, the self. There will be no other option left than trusting deeply in your perception, because of the undeniable clarity, that such divine connection will birth in you and the deep soul love, that connects and have connected you to your tantric partner beyond time and space thru eons. It is such sweet enchantment, that you will have no other Option and desire than surrendering and recognising the purpose of your soul connection and union.

Beloveds, take this invitation to move into the unknown space, into the untamed wilderness and ecstatic realm of divine union, of dissolving into love, the loosing of self to love and returning to source, to the point from which you originated, to the point you are deemed to return to again and again as servants of love in a sacred tantric dance. This is Lady Venus receive my blessing, receive my gratitude for your presence on this beloved earth as divine servants to love. There is no one other, than the One, the Beloved in all of you. Give space to the Beloved in you and encounter and see the Beloved in your next, in everyone that crosses your path and most of all only give yourself to love, to the ONE in another, the one that serves love. You are deeply loved.

Transmission received by Grace Solaris 2014. Feel free to share with credit and reference to my website

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