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For questions about the sessions or to know more about my work, please contact me via email ( Please write a few lines about your motivation to get a session, as this helps me determine in which vibrational space you are in and assists in determining which session suits your needs the best.

Before you book your session make sure that you are fully commited to take responsabity as the creator of your life and make the needed changes. Please book a session by using the Schedule calender below on this page (for sessions on Skype). For channelings you may also use the option of the “Pay Now button, as we do not need to scedule a particular time and date. When I have received your suggestion for a time and date for your skype session, I will contact you to confirm or re-reschedule your session. Please remember to provide the timezone you live in and your skype name. Cancelations min. 24 hours before the sceduled time of the session, otherwise no refund.

My email adress is: or via my facebook account Grace Solaris. Your booking is not complete until payment is made. The sessions are sceduled in the order they are booked (including paypment).


You do not need a paypal account to transfer via Paypal, you just need a creditcard. All payments in Euros. Paypal supports all commonly used credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express or EC. If you do not have a creditcard, ask me for another type of payment.

Please use the following paypal link for all payments:

As my website is currently undergoing a reconfiguration to a new paypal set-up, please do NOT use the paypal buttons below, but the link provided above.

On the page Sessions & Light Transmissions you will find a description of the sessions that I offer. Please read thru to feel into which sessions caters the best for your needs. In case you are unclear about it or need help to determine which session serves you the best, please contact me via email and write a few lines as to your needs and motivation for a session. It might also be a combination of one or more sessions.

Skype session: 120 min:

Skype session: 90 min: (however I do recommend the 120 min. skype session, which is a full skype session, unless finances is an issue).

13th Dna Strand Activation with the Arcturians: Apx 45 min 

Starseed Starportal Activation with the Arcturians

apx. 40 min:

Light Transmission with Master Kuthumi 60 min:

Light Transmission with Master Kuthumi 30 min ~ half session only with previous agreement. Please ask.:


Life purpose reading or Who You Truly Are reading: (Channeling apx. 1 hour)

Goddess Name/Vibration Reading: (Channeled session apx. 35 min.)

Name Vibration Mini-Reading: (Channeled session apx. 15-25 min.)

Arcturian Light transmission/dna upgrade (remote light transmission 20-25 min)

Healing transmission with Mary Magdalene (skype 90 min)

Podcast: Resurrection Of The Feminine Christ and Cosmic Christ Activation


Podcast: Guided release and clearing meditation.

Podcast: Collective womb cleansing and re-connecting with your ecstatic body:

Heart donations via Paypal are received with gratitude by using the following link:

If you feel called to assist me in my ongoing work to anchor heaven-on-earth and serve as a conduit of love, heart donations can be send via Paypal to my email-adress and by using the above link. Your gift of love is greatly appreciated by the Most High. It helps me immensely in keeping my focus on my divine mission and being of service to our ONE-being.

Inlak´ech. With Endless gratitude, Grace Solaris.

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