Goddess cuts thru all pretence… she is here to help you re-connect with your true strength



The divine feminine is rising from within… and as of lately it seems she is running a special “campaign” amongst those of male gender.. 
dear brothers do not fear her power, do not fear her wisdom to pierce thru your shield of protection and superiority… it is thru surrendering that you become it, it is thru allowing vulnerability you gain true strength and feel safe with her. It is thru giving up pretence, that you become your authentic self. Thru giving her space, you receive her gifts of intuition and inner guidance, you can return to your heart and just BE what you always wanted to BE without any need to do, to prove or to keep up an image of something or someone you are not. This will be your greatest love affair ever… a returning to who you truly are in sacred union with your “inner twin”. The divine union and emerging of the Beloved within. ~ Grace Solaris


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