Inner goddess guidance, the sacred language of the heart



Empower her… by trusting in her guidance. Do not fall into the trap of escaping into your head, when you get insecure and caught by fear. When you seek for answers and guidance trust your inner goddess, she is the voice of your soul bringing to your attention all the answers that you carry within. She holds in her womb the whole akashic record and knows your divine plan, your souls mission and what´s serve your highest good every single moment. When you turn to her, surrender, give in no matter whether you can fathom what she shares with you or not, trust it, embrace it. Your first instict, your first gut feeling is her silent whispering. Surrender and you will re-member her language. It is the language of the heart, that goes thru feeling. So when you ask for answers or guidance, you will feel it, live it, vibrate it with every cell…. that is, if you are fully present in your heart. If you are used to “living” in your head and taking mind-based decisions you will need a little practice and reconditioning to communicating with her. She hears your every thought, feels your every feeling, so when you ask a question, she responds instantly, hence it is vital to trust the first impulse that you receive. Because when we are not used to being focused in our heart and tend to back off into our “heads” (into reason), we doubt the answer, we keep on asking, what has already been answered… and a lot of noise and discordance is the result. However if you trust your gut feeling, your intuition, she will let you feel and experience the answer unmistakenly, she will leave no room for doubt, but you must be fully “there” to feel it. It is her way of empowering you. If you keep asking others to give you the answers, you give your power away and deny who you are. You will only get true clarity if the answer comes from within your sacred wisdom womb. When others give you answers, that may even be wrong and in accordance with your heart´s truth, it will always leave a little doubt…. because how can you be sure, mind will always come and evaluate and ask again, it is how your duality based mind works. However when you have felt the answer within, you will simply know, because you have “already” lived it. This is the sacred language of the goddess within. Trust her, listen carefully with an open heart. Empower her and she will empower you. ~ Grace Solaris

Artwork: Tamara Adams

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