The revival of sacred tantra – an inevitable part of earth´s ascension and reemergence of the goddess



In the old earth energy of polarity sex has mostly been used as a mean to get the love, we didn´t give ourself. Sex, however in its original pure form and purpose is meant to be a sacred union and honoring of the divine feminine and divine masculine principles within and is much more than just two persons fulfilling their personal desire. It is an alchemical tool to higher consciousness and divine union, which has been refined and practiced as such in various ancient cultures in the sacred art of tantra and was only meant by spirit to be practised in that sacred manner. When we have sex for any other reason, it is serving our ego and keeps us in a lower vibration. The state of our libido is caused by much more than hormones, it is a parameter for our level of self love. Within your heart is a sacred fountain of love, that is continiously spilling over and nourishing your entire being. However if you look for love outside of self out of lack, you will miss it and only find temporary fullfilment. Until you honor and love yourself in both your masculine and feminine aspects, you will not be able to truly embrace love from another and hence will act out of ego to replace your lack in form of material things, sex or even food. As you start to embrace and love self, you will no longer feel dependent of being loved by anyone outside of self and your physical and emotional desire for exchanging energy in the form of “sex” will be limited to the soul driven desire for divine union and merging with your monad and soul family members for your soul´s evolutionary growth in planetary service. You will no longer share your essence with someone out of (temporary) lack and personal gain, but out of your souls urge and purpose of sharing your essence with someone of similar vibration to create divine union thru sacred alchemy and for the expansion of consciousness. Your relationship to and need to have sex will change dramatically in nature, when you enter the space of self love and your higher chakras are activated and motivating your every action thru the orchestration of your soul in cosmic service. It is no longer a personal concern, but your soul´s purpose to restoring divine union and harmony on this beloved planet and contribution to the reemergence of the goddess and divine feminine principle.

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