The goddess is rising in all of us…. are you ready when she comes?


The last days I have felt a power awaken and rise in me… I know and feel in my heart it is far greater than me and that it is futile to resist (not that I want to, because it feels darn good)… it is gradually taken over my body, my being, my thinking, my behaviour…. i.e. it is becoming “my” very presence… she will not tolerate to be rejected, diminished, surpressed or ignored in the slightest way, she insists on being heard and listened to, because I have commited myself to open myself FULLY AND COMPLETELY to her and have prepared myself thru inner clearing work to make my temple ready for her. It is my inner goddess. She demands to be seen in her full splendor and felt in her full power. She will no longer make herself small.  She is rising from deep within my being, she is the universal force of shakti. She has many faces, many names and many expressions and attributes. I made my vows to her lifetime after lifetime, so she knows of my devotion and commitment to being of service and to being her instrument. The goddess is rising in all of us…. are you ready when she comes…. She will come when you have made yourself naked, vulnerable and humble and thus when you are available to embrace her presence and essence, when you are ready to surrender to divine will and being her instrument. She leaves no space for any restrictions of ego and your limited self, as she is the emanation of the holy trinity, that is all-encompassing infinite love beyond any limitation… the pure creative life (love) force from which all life is born… the cosmic womb of consciousness, that holds the sacred akashic wisdom codes of creation of the multiverse. It is time for her rising… she is calling upon all of us reminding us of our vows of commitment… if you are here on the planet now, you have voluntered and given your vow to her to support her reemergence on the planet. The time for her rising has begun. In her all life is unified. ~ Grace Solaris


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