The sacred rite of entering the sacred womb field of consciousness, is acknowledging the divine feminine as the prinicipal and shepard of divine wisdom


Do you have the courage to give the lead to the divine feminine principle within and to refrain from being caught up in ego ´s gameplay of wanting to be one step ahead and keeping a veil of superiority of intellect over heart, of thinking over feeling, of action over being… but simply sink deep into her womb and listen… being receptive instead of controlling. She will teach you all you need to finding balance and harmony within… divine wisdom is her innate nature… it is not something she is seeking externally but an inherent part of who she is… it is her very nature to be giving and even forgiving even if you fail to recognise her gift of offering a sacred sanctum for your soul to learn, evolve and expand your understanding of who you are. She will show you and share of her self, if only you trust her. You need not fear… only trust the divine feminine principle within self, which she will lead you home to, and the Beloved will rise in the divine union of the two. Give her the lead, give her voice, give her ear, the divine feminine will lead you home… she will intuit your deepest fears and greatest resistance to being your truest and most authentic self… let her take the lead, let her teach you. You are entering the millenium where the divine feminine is taking back her true role as a naturel leader and birthgiver to a new awareness… she has no interest in surpressing the divine masculine, as long as she is respected and honored in her role as a principal and shepard of divine wisdom and compassion, a keeper of the cosmic laws of divine harmony, which is her true purpose to which she is ordained. Her sacred womb is a vast field of consciousness in which you can learn and expand as a soul to encompass more of who you truly are… entering her space, is the beginning of a sacred rite which will lead you to unparalleled experiences of divine union and the unravelling of the mystery of ONE within self. ~ Grace Solaris


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