The rising of the feminine christ is happening thru you. Transmission to the 11.11 Portal by Octaviana of Alcyone.




Greetings beloved sistar beloved brother, I greet and bow to the divine feminine in you and I invite you to join me in the circle of the cosmic sisterhood, in the heart of the divine mother. Because she is reaching out to you, stretching out her hand to you and coming to you thru the 11.11 portal with a gift of divine love and remembrance of the power of the divine feminine in you. I speak to you now as a spokes woman of the cosmic sisterhood. I am Octaviana of Alcyone, and I connect with each of you from heart to heart and ask you to join me, ask you to open your heart and become wide like the ocean. I ask you to let all the walls of protection dissolve along with all the guilt and all the shame burried within your heart of being a woman, of being a powerful goddess, of being pure wisdom, pure love, in embodiment. Let the guilt and the shame dissolve into the vastness of mother´s heart, into the arms of unconditional love. Realize that you are safe here in this circle, and understand that you need no longer barricade yourself and hide your gifts of intuition, of healing and clair feeling… yes you are a priestess, a visionary, a medicine woman with precious gifts given to you by spirit to fulfill your divine purpose as a patroness of creation. You came here to reinstore divine balance.
Enough…. enough with surpressing, enough with denying who you are out of fear. I encourage you to step up, step forward and take back your throne and reign with the scepter of divine wisdom. You carry the the divine feminine codes for the second coming of  christ in her divine feminine garment. The rising of the feminine christ is happening thru you. And it is happening Now. 

I call forth the heroine in you, the warrioress…. it is time for you to step up heads up and owning your power…. you no longer need to walk with your head tugged down, you no longer need to be afraid of being seen and heard in your glory, in your might, no longer do you need to hide the pearls of wisdom, that you carry within your heart, no longer must you be afraid of being persecuted and punished for being and embodying Shakti, the divine feminine cosmic life force in whatever form or shape she chooses to express herself.
Stand in this circle amongst your sisters… whether you are currently in a male or female body does not count, because in you there is this supreme divine spark of light… a flame of the divine feminine might, that you came to anchor and to express and to give voice to. It is time to take leadership, it is time to reign from the heart and reinstore divine harmony in the human heart, to reinstore divine harmony within the social structures, within all aspects of life. No more denial of the divine feminine power. Come together as ONE as one being in action, thru uniting all polarity in you, you reclaim your throne. You were never and will never be alone. Your mother never left you. Your divine mother was always standing by you, but you were too busy or too scared to see her or perceive her, too busy with making yourself small and invisible, because of the cruelty, that you suffered by the hand of the patriachal dominion, that took power after the fall of awareness and sank into the ocean of forgetfull-ness along with the glorious civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The divine mother is calling you, she is calling your name… Your voice count, you count, you are an embodiment of her glory, of her grace, of her wisdom. Thru this portal of light a divine dispensation of the divine feminine codes of christ is pouring into your being, ascension codes of unified christ consciousness…  permeating your every cell… open, allow, surrender to the divine rays of magenta, purple and golden threads of supremacy permeating every cell of your being and aligning your vibration with hers. This cosmic arrow of actualized christ love is aimed at piercing open your heart to assist you in letting go of the deep hidden grief, the guilt and fear, that you have held in your heart as a testimony to the treason, that was inflicted on the divine feminine. Now let it go.

Step forward with me… hand in hand we stand naked in the power of unity, beyond borders, beyond culture, beyond religion, beyond tradition and dogma.. we stand as ONE sisterhood in service of her, as sovereign feminine leaders of the new earth as embodiments of the feminine christ fully aligned, fully balanced in your divine masculine and divine feminine aspects uniting all polarity thru your loving acceptance. Thru her presence you are embodying the virgin, the whore and all archetypes of the divine feminine in their healed form. There is no guilt, no blame, no shame to be cast upon you ever again. No one shall silence you ever again, no one shall punish you or judge you as being inferior or less than. Let all the memories fall away… leave them in my hands and stand tall in your magnificence. Your time has come to reign once again, it is written, it is prophesized, that you reemerge at this time to free yourself from the chains of surpression, of patriachal ownership… your time has come to take on your sovereignty as a divine shepard for humanity. You are the extended hand of the goddess, her voice, her heart beat in this world, the mother and patroness of all life. Be blessed in the grace of her presence within your very heart. 

Transmission received by Grace Solaris, nov. 9th 2017


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