The stripping off your story is preliminary to ascension and to experience pure god consciousness as the truth of who you are


I had a profound experience some years back, that lasted the most of a day… somehow I glided back into time-space continium, however changed forever! I woke up and out-of-the-blue with no pre-occuring trigger and found myself fully stripped not only of my story, but of my complete I-dentity… it was free-ing beyond words. I had become an observer, so when I walked on the street and encountered others, that there was no projection nor reflection on the external anymore, so when I passed someone… there was absolutely no internal reaction only stillness. There were no self to evaluate self (or others as an reflection of self) as an identity and therefore no judgement whatsoever. I experienced the ecstacy of pure freedom and also the concept of linear time had total vanished… there was only the omnipresence of God, consciousness interacting with itself in the eternal NOW. I felt freed from all worries and concerns. I had no agendas other than just BE-ing and frolicking in the moment…. from one moment to the next. This is how experience reality, when we are stripped of all illusion. It was an initiation of the highest order, which left me deeply transformed, as it gave me a reference point to turn back to again and again of who I truly am. Hence the importance of quitting re-telling our story, of holding on to labels, that define us in any way and shape an Identity, as this will always be a limitation and infringement of our true nature. It is critical to allow for ourself to be stripped to the core, as all the layers that has shaped us are mostly made up by ego, due to the projections and expectations of others in early childhood, which are holding us back from experiencing the true essence of our being, which is pure god consciousness no more, no less making a human experience in the density of the 3D realm. Ascension is essentially about shedding all these layers of our limited self and expanding beyond the illusion of linear time, that defines the 3D realm. Having done so we have moved into the freedom of the higher realms of de-light of 5D and beyond, where love is experienced as all that is and pure joy is found as our true home. ~ Grace Solaris

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