The new Lemuria &

The rising of the Feminine Christ

The heart of Lemuria is a 5th dimensional energy of pure divine grace, compassion and bliss. It is the pure expression of the Divine Feminine. The Goddess and mother to all life in divine flow with all that is. Her every heart beat is a dance of joy and celebration to life. It is the eternal heartbeat in you and in all life. Now is the time for her reemergence on the planet and it happens thru you and every living being on this beautiful planet. We are her children, but though you may have forgotten about her, she has not forgotten about you. Your time has come to resurrect to who you truly are, to become a balanced being of divine love, an equilibrium of the divine masculine and feminine in sacred union. You are needed now on this planet to give back the voice to the goddess, to stand in her power, to listen to her intuition, to bring back the divine feminine virtues and ignite the divine feminine flame of creation within your heart and within the cosmic grid of the planet and of all-that-is. To resurrect this planet to harmony and bring about the new heaven-on-earth and it starts within you. You being here reading these lines is an evidence, that you felt her calling. It´s time.

And now I give the word to Adama, highpriest of Telos. (Note: Telos is a City of light, the exile of the lemurians, inside Mt. Shasta, California, which was established after the sinking of Lemuria).

Greetings brothers and sisters of the ancient. Greetings from my lemurian heart to yours. What is this feeling of home, that so many of you have been missing, that so many of you have been craving for since early childhood. Many of you grew up in families, where you felt you did not belong…. many of you felt isolated and alone, as if on another planet. Many of you have been searching for something, which you could not name. It was a deep engraved seed, a calling in your heart, that made you search for home. A search for something that you knew, is part of who you are, that was missing. You have heard the calling of the ancient, you have heard the lemurian tune in your heart and you felt a need to return home and to realize who you are. This time is now. Since the fall of the lemurian continent many also lost aspects of themselves, parts of themselves, that literally drowned in the memories of the lost continent of Mu. Especially their connection to the goddess within, their divine feminine aspect of creation, which is inherent in all life.  I and other members of your lemurian family are here to help you re-member and guide you home to who you truly are and work thru this vehicle, dear sister Grace to do so. To help you re-connect with those parts of you, which you left behind. The ancient and all-knowing part of you, which once lived in perfect harmony, bliss and divine grace with God and Goddess. Beloved one, we ask you to open up the memory in your heart and to welcome back your lemurian heritage. You heart is yearning to be whole again and to become One with whom you truly are. Take my hand, beloved one, and I will walk with you and help you reconnect with the Garden Eden, which is in your heart.  You carry the memory in your dna of a lost paradise – this paradise is Lemuria… and in truth it was never lost. The civilization of Lemuria is known to have been a highly evolved race of 5th dimensional beings living in perfect harmony and balance. Understand that Lemuria and the lemurian energy is still alive. It is the very energy of the goddess pulsating. It is pulsating in the veins of humanity and is imprinted in your dna; in those part of your dna, that are being activated again. The heart of Telos, where I reside, inside the sacred Mount Shasta, is one of several places on Gaia, where the lemurian flame of unconditional love, peace and oneness is kept alive. It radiates to every corner of this planet and beyond and to the hearts of every living being to call you home. In order to restore paradise on this beloved terra, it is time for Lemuria to raise from the dephts of the sea, to raise from the dephts of your unconscious to fulfil the promise, that you made of merging together as One again. Another place is the sacred lands of Hawaii, of which Kauai is the very heart of Lemuria. The beating focal point of the divine feminine flame. Now is the time for the rising of the New Lemuria thru the heart of humanity. This is Adama, highpriest of Telos, on behalf of your lemurian sisters and brothers. You are here and ready to re-member. Welcome home.

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