10 Negative Beliefs that leads to self sabotage and holds you back from being successful and living your purpose


On our path to mastery we are being challenged on-going-ly by our soul… not by life or the universe. It is our self inflicted limitations and negative belief systems that keeps us small and unworthy of being properous, succesfull, happy and deserving of having our wildest dreams come true. As a matter of fact the more we dare to expand, the more we get challenged. Your soul doesn´t satisfy with you embracing 20, 30 or 50% of your divine potential. It wants you to embrace your fullest potential, which is infinite. Meaning going for it 100%. Actually there are NO limits as to what you can achieve, simply by allowing and opening your heart to the vast potential of the universe, without “lifting a finger”. It is a matter of allowing, of saying YES without making any excuses as to why it cannot happen. It is solely a matter of vibration. However if you hold negative beliefs and cultivate negative thoughts, you will not get there. Because the vibration of those beliefs/thoughts are programmed on failure and lack.  If you listen carefully and monitor your thoughts you will become aware of the negative beliefs, that holds you back from living the dream you yearn for and know that you deserve. In your innermost core you know you have something special to give, something of value to others, that only you can give them. However if you sabotage your own success, others will not reach out to you, the universe will not respond. If you are not visible and available, others will not see you. So it is vital to becoming aware of the limitations you put on your self unconsciously by cultivating negative beliefs and behaviours, that keeps you small and unable. Here are 10 very common negative beliefs, that block you from living the life you dream of, which I too have become aware of was holding me back:

  1. Others may think I am a show-off if I am successful
  2. I cannot be spiritual and rich at the same time
  3. I might fail if I aim BIG and “loose face”
  4. If I am succesfull others may feel small and bad
  5. I am not good enough and hence not deserving
  6. Only few “make it” and I am not of that “league”
  7. It is not my destiny to be happy and succesful
  8. Money and success is non-spiritual & ruin people
  9. Being successful is egotistic and compromissing others
  10. Others can do it better than I (degrading and comparing yourself, leads to sabotage)                                                                                                                                                        By becoming aware of the beliefs, you will also notice the negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, that goes along with them. You can cancel and nullify all beliefs, that do not serve you or limitate you by divine intent. It is about being aware and discerning, that matters. Not using any complicated exercise to transmute or delete them. Equally if you monitor your thoughts you can become aware of unknown beliefs, that are sustaining and feeding them (confirming them on and on). As soon as you have become aware of them, you can shift in vibration and become authentic to your divine potential. But you need to own and vibrate it 100% and so the universe will respond to just that. Sounds terribly easy. Thank the universe, it made it easy for you. Being succesfull doesn´t take hard work or effort. It is about vibrating in accordance with the law of attraction and infinite abundance, that is available to you here and now. As we are vibrating on ever increasing frequencies of light in the 5D spectrum, it has also become increasingly easy to manifest thru divine will (soul aligned divine intent). So be discerning as to what you think and emit (vibrationally) as the universe will respond with the blink of the eye in some cases. Being succesful and going for dreams (living your soul purpose) is supposed to be fun, something that you do with passion. If you hold yourself back it becomes an effort and you will not feel like going for it. So let go, let loose and have it all come to you seemless-ly. If you can dream it, you can do it… afterall that is why you dream it.

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