12:12 Magdalene Amygdala Activation – link with free guided meditation


Time to raise as ONE and reclaim our VIRGINITY, men and women alike. We are divine beings of light with no need in any way of being shameful of who we are. Time to reclaim our dignity and stand tall as innocent powerful sovereign beings of light. 

The Amygdala, which is the feeling part of our brain, our heart-brain has been subject to radical modifications under the dominion of the patriachal forces on this planet throughout thousands of years to imprint humanity with guilt~shame~blame programing towards the divine feminine as well as the true life force itself, Shakti, the creative tantric energy (kundalini) aimed at separating us from oneness and connection with our very own source and divinity and of course from the divine feminine aspect within.

This activation Is also aimed at eradicating the collective programming and global network of sexual abuse against women (and men and the divine feminine in men) but especially against the children of this earth, who are subjects to a harvesting of sexual energy and a molestation of their divinity.

Feel free to share the guided meditation, which is both a clearing and an activation of the Amygdala to friends and family to promote a monumental and global quantum leap and create a revolution of consciousness, because nothing less than that is needed. And it starts with each of us stepping up and become sovereign.

Time to write and weave her story into the crystaline rose grid to ensure a safe passage and anchoring of the new heaven on earth. You make a difference, your love is capable of moving mountains of consciousness, actually that is what you are here for.

Please listen with headphones:

~ Grace Solaris 


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