Time to go centerstage as your authentic self, the goddess needs your voice



Embracing who you truly are is a stepping forward and surrendering to being who your heart knows you to be. It might be scarry to pull down the mask and become naked and true, but all else is a game you have played so convincingly, that it should be enough evidence for you, that if you could master that, you can equally master to strip down the layers of ego and pretence and become your authentic self without appology. You owe it to yourself…. bull what anyone else says, it is a gift of self love and a setting free of a massive amount of energy, wisdom and love, that which you came here to share with the world… your particular soul essence and tonal chord. There is only one of you, BE that ONE. Sing that song. To merge and become One with source and all-that-is, it is an inevitable step, that you need to make whether you like it or not… to weave your light and tone into the harmonic chord of the symphony of life.  As the light acceleration takes up pace, it will increasingly become difficult and energy depleting to live in pretence and neglection of who you truly are. It is time to come centerstage and share the gift of who you are. The goddess is prompting you to come forward and share your individual emantion of the divine feminine with the world. Why because the divine feminine, Shakti Ma, the cosmic mother, who has infinite names and expressions is no longer tolerating to be over-heard, ignored or silenced. She demands back her scepter, her voice and sovereignty. Being incarnated at this time you volunteered to come to this planet to support her in doing so at this very time. She cannot do it without you, without you singing your song and weaving your tone into the harmonics of life to restore divine balance and harmony onto this beloved planet. To support this step I offer name/vibration mini-readings, which are aimed to support you in this step… to assist you in incorporating your specific soul signature and divine attribute, that is your individual expression of the divine. If fully embraced, it will trigger an immediate “push” in the direction of embracing your soul´s essence and purpose. You can read about the mini-readings in the link provided in the comments or on my website: www.graceelohim.com or www.heart-of-lemuria.com. ~ Grace Solaris


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