5D frequency living in a dying 3D hologram, becoming an instrument of the Goddess


We all know and experience the dying of our old world and the rising of something entirely new. A new way of interacting, of experiencing and exchanging with life as co-creators of a vast field of consciousness. But it is increasingly difficult for many, though having reached a whole new level of consciousness to deal with their surroundings, with people in a day to day life. How do you live in the present moment when you have scedules and still have to keep up with time dictated by an illusionary force. How do you rise beyond the paradigm of victim and abuser, when you are treated as such by a ruling system, that discredit your sovereignty. One would say that it is pretty much impossible. However this is far from the truth. Everything around us consists of vibration, every thought, every word spoken or unspoken, every action carries a certain frequency. When we consciously discern and choose to vibrate on higher frequencies of light in alignment with the oneness of all life, we become an emanation of that frequency, we become a co-creator in and with the 5D realm and above. We can deal with and navigate in the 3D realm from that vibration and our experience will be a 5D experience. We will no longer be victims of our own limited projections and manifestate 3D drama/trauma scenarios. When we vibrate on 5D and beyond we move past previous experiences and the victim/abuser mind-set. We interact with life from the perspective of soul, from an illuminated space within our BE-ing, that knows life as pure grace and benevolence catering for our highest good. We no longer fight against anything or anyone, we surrender to the fact, that there is no one other than the ONE in infinite expressions and that the only way to unite with that one is to accept all its expressions on the internal as well as on the external as expressions of self, as reflections and creations of self. We take on responsability, by responding to our ability to choose what serves our highest good and bow to the intellegence of life. We step aside and become available for the divine flow of life which is the emanation of the divine feminine aspect of creation. We give up controle and let life take its toll in the inquestionable knowing, that everything serves our highest good in every NOW moment. We tune in, align and intuit what feels best and follow the direction we are guided to go by the divine feminine flow of life and authorize “her” to take the lead. We give our undivided trust to her supremacy no matter what mind thinks and does to get us back in the victim-abuser past-future-pain-fear blame-game in its unending aim to controle and avoid what it fears the most and thus attracting ongoing drama/trauma. We dive into the¬†stillness of the NOW and are permeated by the omnipresence and divine flow of life and life begins to live itself thru us, rather than we directing life.

In the silent space of your heart the goddess will capture you with her presence and you will start living your life thru BE-ing rather than doing… or said in another way… you will start doing thru BE-ing. Things will come to you, doors will open without you lifting a finger by holding the divine intent and heart emantion (vibration) of your souls unfoldment. Information will come to you thru your intuition and inner knowing, rather than you trying to gather information or trying to think yourself into solutions. People and opportunities will turn up out of the blue. Everything will be catered for and delivered right in time according to your soul plan (often in much different ways, that you may expect), when you are simply present and still, when you are present in your sacred heart space. As opposed to when we interfere with the divine flow of life thru thinking our “way”, we mess up the plan, we take decisions based on a linear time frame i.e. of past experiences and project them into the future and are held in a rat wheel and become a victim of our own aim to “controle” and seem to keep manifesting the same on and on though we set intentions to do otherwise. Settling into our heart and surrendering to the benevolence and intellegence of life is a way to give space and accesabillity for our soul to orchestrate our life. Thru silent presence and conscious “listening” and “feeling-in” we are in tune with the divine feminine flow of life and hence available to love and to what honors our best and highest good in any given moment, in any given circumstance. Even when life seems to offer no solution, magic happens, things are turned up side down from one moment to the other and suddenly what seems impossible becomes possible thru the offering of the present moment creation out of the infinite field of intellegence and possibility. Out of this experience we become humble beings, we understand, that we are not in controle, but an intellegence far greater is in charge and able to “handle” the impossible, is able to turn lead into gold, water into wine… the alchemy of life is born out of the womb of the goddess thru our surrendering to her will. By stripping of all labels, all identification with our limited self and our prefabricated story, we become naked, empty and available for the divine feminine flow of life to impregnate us with her joyous essence, with the grace of her flow and the procession of her tides. We become her instrument to the orchestration of our life purpose symphony. We become the tone, the sound, that precede every word, every action, every manifestation in coherence with the cosmic dance of life in unity with all-that-is. ~ Grace Solaris



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