A beautiful video testimonial by Reena Joshi of how divine guidance and orchestration works to assist us in our spiritual awakening and embracing of our divine self



My beautiful goddess sister Reena alas Tara made this video with her awesome account of the unfoldment of her spiritual journey back to her divine self and the unfolding of her soul purpose, which I have been blessed to be contributing to. She explains in this short video how she was guided to reach out to different persons for guidance, which each brought a piece of the puzzle (an aspects of her divine self) to reveal the full picture of who she truly is and what she is here to BE and do. This shows in a most beautiful way how our path is guided and orchestrated by our soul and soul guides. It equally shows the importantance of embracing our individual soul signature essence and the divine attributes, that we are here to embody. I am deeply honored and humbled to being of service in this way. Sister Tara testifies so eloquently and in such powerful and authentic manner how she is now fully able to make the quantum shift and step FULLY into the unfoldment of her souls plan on planet earth, without reservation. This is what I love about my work and what I am here for and it is the greatest joy, when I see how my work can impact others to jump the cliff and trust in the inner knowing of their heart and start being who they truly are… to witness the awakening to who they are, is like seeing a flower opening its petals in front of your eyes… true magic. I sincerely hope, that you may feel inspired by Reena´s touching and joyful account of her journey. The reading that she had with me is the name/vibration mini-reading.

Here is a link to the video:

You can read about the importance of receiving your spiritual name here:

A spiritual “adopted” name, is a powerful catalyzer for great Change used in many spiritual traditions



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