Believing versus knowing – masculine versus feminine approach to life


Or I might as well have said thinking versus feeling, because that is the essential difference in the approach to life of the masculine and feminine aspects of you.
The main difference between believing and knowing is, that believing is determined by external circumstances, whereas (inner) knowing is rooted in your soul´s wisdom. You may say believing is involved with mind´s content (thoughts) including those thoughts/concepts belonging to the collective mind programming, whereas inner knowing is rooted in feeling. Beliefs are often mind concepts, that are based on fear and victimhood, because they are rooted in your dualitybased mind´s way of rationalizing and interacting with the Collective Mind. Things such as superstition, good or bad luck are constructs of your mind, or rather the Collective Mind. And what is based on fear, promotes fear thru avoidance-behaviour, said in other words, our action is focused on avoiding what we fear. However this behaviour attracts exactly what we try to avoid. When we are motivated by belief alone, we are thus aiming to controle life. However you cannot trust life and wanting to controle it at the same time.
Whereas when we let go of our beliefs and surrender to our inner knowing, we can let go of our fears, we can let go of the need to controle to avoid what we fear and we can use our energy to nourish and give power to our feelings and “inner knowing” instead of letting ourself be side-tracked by external energies, that are not rooted in love (truth).
These are two different ways of approaching life. Believing is more masculine in nature, as it demands our action… we need to stear and controle situations, people and LIFE itself, whereas inner knowing is a feminine approach to life… to intuit and to surrender and simply go with the flow. It is trusting in the benevolence of life, it is trusting in love. It is moving past the concept of duality, dark/light, victim and abuser. Instead of avoiding, we can surrender, instead of fearing we can become trusting beings owning our inner knowing and wisdom. It is soul´s approach to life.
The only way to be in alignment with your inner knowing wisdom and your soul is to being present in your heart and live from your heart in the present moment. There is no short cut or other way other than turning within and trusting in your heart wisdom. It is a choice that leaves no space for fear and an inevitable one to achieve mastery and becoming the christed being, that in truth you are. It is the returning of the scepter to the divine feminine, the shepard and creatrix of all life, who always caters for your needs and highest good. She is your ally, the extended arm of your soul… caressing your cheek like a mother her child…. how can you not trust her…… ~ Grace Solaris

Artist unknown (if you know the name please provide in comments, so I can credit her).

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