Call of the hour for sovereignty by Mary Magdalene



Beloveds allow me to speak a bit about sovereignty as this is the divine attribute that is called for right now ….. and it is urgent. The divine potential of collective intent of the 12:12 gateway is a massive opportunity to step forward as ONE.


The last thousands and thousands of years you have been a planet, that submitted to external forces, that basically took over your planet and wrote a new agenda for the future of your planet. This was done in such a manner, that you were triggered into believing in a hologram, that was aimed at holding you disempowered and disaligned from your mighty I Am Presence, it was aimed at creating division within between your divine feminine and masculine, between your mind and your heart and most of all to dis-align you from the goddess aspect within self… your divine gift of intuition and mighty power as a seer and psychic.

Your innocence was raped and your virginity was broken to the point, that you had no other choice than to submit, simply because of fear. And with time and a consistent programming and tampering with your dna and divine blue printing you became divided beings, that were driven by patriachal energies, that were steared by a dual linear mindset and acted out of intellectual approach to life. This you may say was an experience, that left deep wounds of shame and guilt in you mostly towards self of not being pure, of not being enough, of being undeserving of love but most of all of being powerless. You adapted an image of yourself as being a victim. This was exactly was what aimed for, as it is easier to keep in controle of you, when you believed you were powerless and that your destiny was determinded by external forces.

Now to reclaim your sovereignty you have to move past that story, because really it is nothing but a story or to be more precise a nightmare, but one that you can end any time. It takes a dedicated commitment to re-claim your power and to stop yourself in continually feeding the “powers”, that want to keep you in fear, that want to keep you disempowered and separated from your mighty I Am christ essence. BE discerning…. choose each present moment what you give your energy to, what thoughts you give power to, what beliefs you cultivate, do not submit yourself to the lies and programming of media…. if you do watch television, if you do watch the news…. watch it carefully with the expanded holistic 5D vision of your soul…. do not buy all the lies…. see that the story that is im-printed or shown by the media is aimed at keeping you in fear and disempowerment, to create separation within self and within humanity.

Find the courage in you to stand up and be transparent about who you are, own your power, own your sovereignty, own your ability to see “behind the veil”. The more of you that stand tall, the more will be empowered to do the same… if one stands up, another will and another will… and so you can empower a mass empowerment and revolution of consciousness… Use your voice, do not let fear silence you… yes there are those that are held in fear and will be triggered by those who stand tall and see them as a threat. Do not let them disempower you, trust the power of love in you, that is capable of breaking any hologram, of lifting all veils of distortion and piercing thru all untruths… commit yourself to be authentic and transparent, you cannot be a gamechanger if you play from within a closet…. Your unique expression and energy signature will attract and trigger your soul monad to wake up, to take stand and re-member, that you came here to end the game of separation and bondage, ownership and obdience. You only need to obey to one law, the law of one, if you align and respond to that vibrationally you are beyond any other law. You have reclaimed your sovereignty, you have become the law. And so it is. It starts with you. ~ Mary Magdalene thru Grace Solaris

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