Embracing the wounded divine masculine within


There is a lot of talk about the wound on the divine feminine, which we all, indifferently of gender, have carried or still carry individually as part of the collective body. In the light of all this the divine masculine is often being “overseen”. As a result of the divine feminine wound caused by thousands of years of supression many women have rejected and disowned their (distorted) divine masculine aspect within, which has caused a deep wound and a resistance towards the divine masculine attributes. Because of this women may carry unconscious judgement or even resentment towards men on the outside, while they on the inside have rejected and turned their back at their own divine masculine aspect. This of course causes inbalance and division, as both are vitally important and each play significant roles for our well-being and ability to prosper and grow as a soul. Signs that you may be out of touch (have disowned) your divine masculine may be any or more of the following:

Lacking trust in your own abilities as a leader and as a sovereign being, lacking self confidence, holding yourself back from stepping into your power and limiting yourself (self sabotage), judgement about those embodying their “power”, seeing those that are showing up as empowered beings as show-off´s, being threatened by men´s presence in general, or making yourself inferior in the presence of men. There are many other ways that a distorted wounded divine masculine may express itself. It is so important that we give the divine masculine within due honor and respect as an equal to the divine feminine for us to become balanced beings. You can make a ceremony for your “abandoned” (rejected) divine masculine in you and welcome it back into your life and to grant it all the love, that you withheld throughout your life and ask for forgiveness if that feels right. It is a very empowering act of love, that will bring divine balance equilibrium within your being. And if you are ready and have also done the healing of your divine feminine, you can even perform an inner marriage between the two in whatever way feels empowering and beautiful to you. Be creative and let your soul guide you. You will feel very balanced and at peace and a new sense of empowerment will propel you forward towards your life purpose… you will no longer feel the usual hesitation, but be driven to just do what ever needs to be done. And your relation with men will change to become one of equality and mutual respect and a naturel desire to serve and co-create will evolve beyond fear and distrust. You have become a unification of the divine feminine and divine masculine. And here comes the bonus… you will fall in love with the beautiful divine masculine within in its healed (wholy) expression. ~ Grace Solaris

P.s. Jesus was a perfect example of the divine masculine


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