Feeling the ultimate tool of awakening



The new age of FEELing will set the tone for a whole new sense of BEing that will bear fruits of oneness and harmony between all sentient beings on the new heaven on earth. It will bring us from the I into the WE omnipresence of ONE into a unified state of harmony with all that is. The last thousands of years of human evolution we were totally immersed in separation and closed ourself down from our ability to feel and thereby to our true essence of oneness. This was a consequence of the downfall from grace and our subsequent choices of disconnecting from the divine feminine attributes and by giving full controle to our mind rationale… in other words living from our head, from a linear mind-set, that was out of tune with source and our divine essence. Mary Magdalene pointed out to me 3 or 4 years ago, that roughly 90% of all humans only feel with 10% of their true capacity and only about 10% were able to reach a 90% feeling capacity. By feeling is not only meant the physical and emotional sense of feeling but our full spectrum multi sensory perception feeling, which includes all our spiritual siddhis that are all interlinked with making use of feeling and being in tune with our emotions and intuition… (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance).

Not only have we barricated ourself behind shields of protection because of the collective meticulous fear programming, which were were subconsciously aware of, but also it has been a means to numb ourself from individual trauma and pain. Another factor is, that our dna have been subject to manipulation to shut us down and numb us on all levels of being to keep us i-solated from our divine self.

It is now time that we claim our ability to feel… the rising of the divine feminine is a global event that is being catalyzed by the ongoing rise in consciousness to re-connect us with our divine self and re-create balance between our divine masculine and feminine as this is the preequisite to our awakening and the ascension of this planet and to FULL DISCLOSURE. Full disclosure will not happen until each of us are willing to see and feel unreserved… not protecting ourself by censoring what we WANT to feel but surrendering fully to what shows up and asks to be SEEN, FELT and EXPRESSED unfiltered.

Why didn´t those in power (behind the scenes) not want us to feel? Why did they purposely victimize the divine feminine aspect of creation? Because they knew it is the greatest asset that a human being has, a powerful tool of empowerment, that can instantly align us with and let us see truth thru FEELING. Our key to FREEDOM.

Your are invited to this month´s groundbraking and revolutionary global group transmission with the Arcturians. It is a download and activation that will upgrade and activate our Hypothalamus and Central Nervous System to a whole new level and recalibrate us to our FULL FEELING CAPACITY as well as allowing us to channel and transduce the high potent plasma and photonic light particles being bombarded to the earth thru the quasar, that the planet is now in alignment with since the beginning of this year, where the planet went thru a transfiguration pole reversal into 0-point and changed its orbital and vibrational trajetory. This evolutionary upgrade is to allow us to channel and transduce these high potent plasma and photonic light particles without overwhelming our central nervous system and having our fuses blow… to avoid the increasing ascension symptoms that comes with the ever increasing light frequencies as well as to accelerate our psychic abilities and multi sensory perception to translate as well as embodying the new outer galactic diamond freedom keys and codes of the new earth, that we are to anchor into the diamond grid and our diamond bodies to stabilize the new Eden Template.

The hypothalamus is a sort of translater/transducer between the pineal and pituitary glands and an important regulator of our endocryne and nervous system and plays an important role in our ability to translate the galactic intel, that are constantly flowing thru the thalamus gateway and spinal chord, in other words, it will greatly enhance and uplevel our spiritual siddhis and multi sensory perception abilities coherent with our cells transmutation into silicon based compound, which will be the foundation for our diamond plasma body once completed. This epic upleveling of our body is a naturel progression, that is part of the gradual transmutation of our species to becoming galactic humanoids, the new golden avatar race of the Aquarian age. Needless to say this is a huge quantum shift in our multiple perception, that will indeed accelerate our psychic abilities and enables us to become the full embodiment of the avatar galactic angelic blueprint as the christed beings we are destined to be. So please if you are ready for this grand revolutionary shift into your divine sovereigny as a FREE universal being feel welcome to join us on March the 1st. No more mind controle it is time we reclaim our true power as the sentient multi dimensional beings of light, that in truth we are. When we regain our true feeling potential we will fall on our knees in the realisation we are all but ONE BEing. We will show mercy with all sentient beings and change our whole attitude towards self and towards life as we will see and feel that ALL IS INTRINSICLY connected. We will FEEL the truth of Jesus´ words… what you do to others – you do to thyself.

Here is the link to sign up and learn more. Please read thru the entire event description by clicking on “read more” to know how to prepare yourself. :


~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians


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