Guided Release and Clearing Meditation – Releasing your story and re-connecting with your I Am Presence



Your body and cell memory hold an akashic record of all the experiences, that you have had in this lifetime and all past incarnations (co-existences) in this reality and in all parallel realities. Every thought, emotion, experience, words spoken and unspoken hold an energy, a certain vibration, that is part of your current energetical body make up, as well as the I-dentity, the entire storyline, that you created for this incarnation experience. To fully embody your I Am Presence it is vital to cleanse these energies, as they are surrounding you like layers surrounding an onion, which hold you back from connecting with and vibrating in and as your soul´s essence and living as your true authentic self. It will support you in releasing and clearing your bodies and auric field of all dense, negative and outdated energies, that no longer serves you on your path in the unfoldment of your soul´ s essence. It is a guided journey thru your body, where you adress and direct different parts of your body to release these energies with the support of your guides, the ascended masters and angelic hosts. The meditation is also very helpful to release deep trauma of any kind especially in combination with forgiveness work. May all happen with ease and grace to the highest good of all involved. Go to the section contact & booking to order your download. The meditation will be sent to you as an audio mp3 file.

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