I Am That I Am Walking In Mastery Arcturian DNA Activation March the 4th 2018


Our beloved Arcturian family of light, who are the master healers of this galaxy are telling us it is time for us to walk in mastery. This year 11 is a year of mastery. Get ready to serve. It is not enough to have mind concepts about spiritual truths, but you need to embody, feel, vibrate and walk this truth with all your being. Humanity is going thru an ongoing transformation of our bodies from carbon to silicon based cells, hence we are turning into 5D crystaline beings and this indeed is needed to descend our I Am Presence fully into our vessel, which is the coronation of the ascension process. This ongoing metamorphosis encompasses all parts of our being and ongoing dna upgrades are orchestrated to reinstore and activate our original galactic blueprint, which was intact before the fall of Atlantis due to a manipulation of our dna. Dormant parts of our brain are reactivated, new neural pathways are created and a rewiring of our brain, heart, central nervous system, chakric and endocryne system is orchestrated to cater for a full restoration and transfiguration of our galactic consciousness, which is paramount for our ascension and embodiment of our I Am Presence. This activation is part of a series of monthly light transmission activations that built upon each other, each with a different focus to catalyze and fortify these changes as graceful and seemless as possible.

Golden Mean Vertebrae Atlas Activation

This month´s activation is aimed at activating what the Arcturians names the Golden Mean Vertebrae (they refer to the Atlas), the first vertebrae, that is the keystone of our spine, that holds our skull and is located at the brain stem, at the occipital bridge of the medulla oblongata. This point also known as the mouth of god, bridges heaven to earth, the spiritual with the physical and serves as a distributor of divine intel received via our higher self or I Am Presence and also of pranic energy and is linked with our pineal and pituitary glands. By most people the Atlas is out of alignment, often caused at birth due to the extreme pressure on this sensitive point, where the spine is connected with the skull. The Atlas is also under great tension because of mental or emotional stress and so we may feel spiritually disconnected, out of alignment, feeling stuck, feeling lack of purpose or ungrounded and many physical symptoms such as pain in neck, back, hips or joints are caused by a dislocated or unaligned atlas.

Upgrade of Atlas and Medulla Oblongata

The Arcturians also said that an upgrade of the atlas and medulla oblongata is necessary to support and enable the ongoing restructuring of our galactic brain and allow for the expansion of our skulll. At our highest evolutionary stage we used to have elongated skulls and there are many of you that have noticed that your skull is actually expanding and changing form. This change is of course very subtle, but nevertheless tangible and even visible. So some of the pain that you feel in the back of your skull at times are actually caused by the growing expansion of the skull. The medulla oblongata is the most ancient part of the brain, that holds your most ancient galactic wisdom and thru the upgrade this intel becomes accesible and reawakened.

This activation will facilitate and allow a merging with your I Am Presence and enable a greater and deeper connection with your I Am that I Am galactic consciousness and allow for a merging of mind/heart, and will remove any tension and disconnection from your higher consciousness. It will ease out/remove physical pain as well, that is caused by a disaligned/dislocated atlas. It will also cater for access of sacred prana to flow freely and supply your chakras, your channel (and spine) will be opened and aligned fully, so that you may receive a brand new clarity and your spiritual siddhis will inevitably become accesible, as you will no longer feel “foggy” or disconnected. As a result your intuition, inner vision and overall sensory perceptions (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience) will be finetuned immensely. You will not only be limited to experience spiritual truths thru intellectual mindconcept but having an empiric heartfelt blissfull innerknowing of the galactic consciousness I Am Presence, that in truth you are. It is a removing of the veil of illusion into galactic mastery clarity.

As a starseed and conscious light BE-Ing you know deep within, that you came here to play a particular role to catalyze this grand shift of consciousness that we are at the threshold of … your time is NOW to step forward, there is no more time to waste, and no need to prepare further. It is time to walk in mastery. If you are already serving as a conduit and frequency holder your work will be taken to a brand new level or even change character. BE open and go with the flow and inner feeling (knowing).

What you need to do to participate and sign up:

To receive this remote light transmission you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission and hold divine intent to receive what is to your best and highest good right now for the re-connection with your entire galactic I Am that I Am avatar blueprint to walk in mastery. Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and just let go of all expectations. To state your divine intent to the universe and ensure divine balance, you are asked to sign up with an energy exchange of minimum 11 Euro/$13. Paypal transfer to:paypal.me/lgrace

 or send to my paypal account: alisha@heart-of-lemuria.com.

The transmission will be apx. 30 min. This is a remote light transmission, which have been the case for all of the monthly light transmissions and activations with the Arcturians. There is no audio, podcast or similar involved. It is not needed in this kind of transmission. After the transmission is complete, you may remain in a relaxed meditative state to allow for a deeper anchoring and integration of the energies as long as it feels right before you get up.

Energy exchange:

The Arcturians ask you to share an energy exchange in form of a donation to ensure divine balance. Recommended donation minimum 11 Euro/$13 or more.

Please use this paypal link:


 or send to my paypal account: alisha@heart-of-lemuria.com

Note: You do not need a paypal account to transfer thru paypal, just a credit card.

Message me for alternate method of payment, if you do not have a credit card.

We appreciate your feedback and review after the transmission. I will also create a poll, which you are welcome to participate in.

In case you cannot make it at the set time, you can tune in at any given time to 0-point eternal now and ask to receive. There is no time and space. ONLY NOW.

In loving service,

Grace and the Arcturians

Transmission will be at 8 pm central european time, pst 11am, mst 12pm, cst 1pm, edt 2pm., Australia 5 am,

To check your timezone:



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