Inner child wounds and childhood conditioning are determining whether you are predominantly feminine or masculine in nature. It is mandatory to creating divine union within to heal and transform these wounds and coming into acceptance of all aspects of self.


Who is in charge in your relationship to self and to life. Most of us have a dominant energy, the aspect of us that is most predominant. This is independent to your gender. You might be a woman who is very much ruled by her masculine side and hence leaving less opportunity for her feminine side to come thru. Or a man which is very feminine in nature and hardly lives out his masculine sides. It is nothing to do with your looks, it is how you approach life. You might even look very feminine and goddesslike, but the frequency that you vibrate and radiate on is what determines your energetical signature being either predominantly feminine or masculine in nature. These aspects are molded and adapted by early childhood conditioning and will follow us a life long, if we are unaware of how they limitate us and attract certain situations, certain people into our lives, that reflect this back to us. Being masculine in nature is more outgoing, active, controling, more structual and intellectuel, whereas the feminine is more receptive, reflecting, intuitive and surrendering… more gentle and soft. However as everything in the universe is part of the whole, there are also feminine traits in the masculine and masculine traits in the feminine. You cannot separate them entirely, as they express themselves on a great frequency band. So it is for example not only a divine feminine attribute to be soft and caring, but also of the divine masculine, just expressed on a different frequency band width. And equally the warrior also has his counterpart in a warrioress but on another vibration. However to be in divine balance and vibrate in divine union with all life, our divine masculine and feminine needs to be given equal rights, equal space to express themselves. The scales need to be in divine equilibrium to being in alignment with your souls essence and the cosmic pulse of all-that-is. Hence it is important to examine which energies are given more “overhand” in your life. This also plays itself out in relationships. There are relationships where the woman is the man and where the man is the woman. This can in some cases be fruitful, but mostly there will be suffering on either or both sides due to not being whole within (lack of divine union) because of not honoring and giving both your feminine and masculine aspects freedom to BE and express themselves. There will be parts of you that you may have surpressed and denied, because of deep wounds.

The imbalances in general are caused by wounds on your divine feminine and masculine aspects. By gaining clarity about and transforming these wounds, you can create a loving space for both your divine masculine and feminine to be honored and express themselves freely, which is mandatory to creating divine union within and true authentic self love in acceptance of all aspects of self. I offer skype sessions where I can assist you by highlighting certain behavioural patterns and beliefs, that holds you inbalanced. Feel free to contact me to hear more or visit my website to learn about the sessions that I offer. Skype sessions are deeply transformational and gives you clarity about your energetical signature. I would be pleased to serve you in gaining awareness of this and to prepare the soil (energetically) for divine union within. ~ Grace Solaris


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