New earth relationships a sacred rite of service transcending personal agendas



Kiss of the Muse, Alex Grey

I more and more get insights and visions to a whole new kind of relationship. How we relate to our partner, how we exchange, how we communicate. I am shown that it is all evolving into something brand new (which I have previously posted about). Even the way we exchange energies…. It is about worship and service, rather than fulfilling self´s desires and needs. It is a quantum leap from personal to transpersonal universal. It is a new way of exchanging, which though taking place in the physical realm, will be rooted in and orchestrated from soul level. We will have a much more ethereal subtle approach to our partner in the way we exchange. I do not see sex in the classical sense taking place any longer… I already hear some objecting and that´s ok….lol…. There is a much deeper and expanded experience waiting to be explored…. I do not go into details here…. not because of me, but in respect to those who may be offended…. (because they might have issues of shame). As our awareness rises and we embody more and more of our true crystaline essence and our lightbody gets fully evolved, our needs, our desires will be motivated from the higher chakras and orchestrated from soul level. So what I am suggesting is… that we will still delight and enjoy in the physical experience, but it will be much more ecstatic as it is no longer solely a physical experience, but rather a multidimensional experience, that encompasses all aspects of our being. And yes it is all about vibration….. alchemical blending, melting… if you like…. turning into pure source energy…. ecstatic communion with the Beloved within…. a sacred rite of service, that is renewed with each breath again and again to serve thy will, that orchestrates all life out of pure love. We will evolve into the servants of love, that in truth we are. Mastered by love, fuelled by love, devoted to love with every cells of our being beyond the personal, beyond individuation. I have been blessed to have had “tastes” of how ecstatic this is and how clumsy and gross the old ways are in comparison no matter how gentle and respectful the intentions may be. I know I am not alone here as more and more discover, that their priorities and preferences are evolving into something brand new…. which is yet to be explored. To experience this of course, we need to be in full acceptance of self, of all shades of self, to reclaim all parts of self, that we have disowned and to balance our inner divine feminine with the divine masculine to create divine equilibrium, a space for sacred union within. ~ Grace Solaris

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