No individual holds the secret, nor the truth.


A call for transparancy by Sanat Kumara

You are on the threshold to a new world order of transparency where no more secrecy is tolerated by the law itself, which is the pure undistorted light. Secrecy creates division and segregation and are driven by a drive for power “over”.
Transparancy on the other hand creates One-ness and is built on the pillars of love, trust and equality and is coherrent in frequency with the nature and law of creation, that all is connected and intertwined.

No more hierachies can exist in the new earth energies, as it creates separation, no more single leaders, but sovereign co-creators, that will function as instruments of divine will in sacred colloboration and honor of the law of One, which is the highest supreme I Am that I Am Source of ALL.

The new earth governments, will be replaced by interplanetary as well as intergalactic councils of light with no individual leaders. There will spokes persons, that speak the voice of the one in all and the all in the many on behalf of the council. How will this be ensured? Thru the rise in frequency and the final blast of collective awakening the global external internet (which is an unsupervised entity with its own agenda) will become replaced by a global telepathic internet heart-to-heart network, that will ensure full transparency to avoid any mis-use of power or disclosing of information, as it happened during the Atlantean era to thIs day of liberation from the karmic debt and exit of the karmic wheel of suffering for good.

You have learnt and grown from the mistakes of the past and misuse of free will, it has finally elevated your consciousness of the universal laws sufficiently enough to return to the light octave, where you once were and this time begin a new circle in honor of the law of One. You have all individually as well as collectively gathered many insights and the choice is now offered to each of you to make the wrong right, to choose love over power, transparancy over secrecy to create an
I-Am-that-I-Am-powered new world of love, prosperity and joy beyond fear of not belonging, not being worthy, not being good enough.

Secrecy and sectarism leads to fear, fear leads to war, inner war of mind and heart, inner battles between the masculine and feminine aspect and outer wars of me against them distortions. The goddess loves her children equally, she does not select nor divide… no lower no higher, no withholding of love or information… but full transparancy as all else would be seclusion of any one of her children. The much anticipated full disclosure will not happen until you are willing to see these patterns iwithin self. Use these last days of this last era of the piscian rage of separation to examine your inner commitment to be fully transparant, is there any need to not place all your cards openly on the table and if so, why not. What are you fearing to loose…. what is your secret (unconscious) agenda…

No indidividual being is carrying the secret, nor the truth, only the One in All and the All in the One, which can only exist and vibrate in full transparency undistorted light, where all secrets evaporize.

Be naked, be authentic, be transparent that is what makes you a genuine undistorted expression and embodiment of truth´s 1st light.

Revered Sanat Kumara with Grace Solaris

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