Poleshift from the mind to the heart… finding your true north in zero point.


As Gaia has repositioned herself in the 0-point infinite fractal convergence point everything will be created by the hands of the monadic field, as this is the divine principle of the new earth frequency of divine balance, equality and oneness. Everything that is not seeded and born out of this frequency will be distorted light, as it creates co-dependency and thus is conditional. All personal agendas most give way for the monadic consciousness to operate from the convergence of 0-point in honor of free will. To become a full embodiment of the monadic field one needs to give up self.. one needs to give up the linear notion of I to become the we. The mandatory step to do so is to fully own your divine might and sovereignty and to shed yourself of all notions and unconscious egoic patterns of lower or higher, inferior or superior duality mind-set. We are all of the same light and in its undistorted form, there is indeed no authority, no one that determines your destiny or path, other than divine will and your monadic essence blueprint and plan.

Thus to become a genuine instrument and embodiment of the oversoul monadic signature and vibrational essence all egoic shields need to be pulled away… this will leave you naked and detached from all personal agendas and hidden subconscious patterns of ruling over or disempowering others or letting yourself be feed on and disempowered by external forces… read… others who have not cleared themselves of these distorted patterns. Embracing and accepting your sovereignty is to lift yourself beyond self identification and egoic attachment to outcome. The I is a fatamorgana an fabrication of ego, no matter how real it may seem. A trap to keep you separate from the ONE-ALL.

The new earth leaders will be heart centered and not lead others, but by example empower others to allow their heart to lead them in unison and alignment with divine will. A leader implies one that is separate from a whole, however in the new earth energy the monads will be co-creating as an extended arm of divine will, the ONE in the All, and the All in the One.

2020 will set the tone for this new paradigm of heart centered monadic co-creations… no individual but the ONE can truly materialize as and in the undistorted light of pure source energy and has transcended the need to lead (which is mind driven). All authority program residues of the atlantean era will be highlighted and surface in each and everyone, that has not yet cleared themselves respectively and will be resurrected into divine balance.

The Seal has been returned to the divine feminine on the higher planes, because she is the naturel giver of life, the cauldron and womb of creation itself. The divine masculine is here to execute her guidance and directions, which she receives as a cauldron of the Mother Womb Continium of creation. Now it is up to each of us to ensure this is implemented within, it is a shift of power and “leadership” from the mind to the heart, from the solar plexus to the heart. A poleshift of massive proportion… which will literally reverse the magnetics and spinning of our cells back to the counter-clockwise divine order.

Throughout the escalation of high frequency light during Solstice and December´s solar eclipse and the upcoming January lunar eclipse, this will reach the apex, that will bring us to the infinite fractal convergence point culmination around the cosmic conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January the 12th, a blast of energy so powerful, it will shift the tetonic plates and the grid magnetics and repole us to the new gridline node points and recalibrate us to our true north.

2020 will mark a new era of the materialization of co-creational service work on a whole new level, a return to heart centered co-creation as the one in the many, and the many in the one, the One in All, and the All in One. Now it is up to each of us to allow ourself to be stripped to the core, to let go of all old tools, modalities and ways to allow our monadic essence to be the birthgiver of the new earth co-creator infinite fractal alchmysts of love.and divine balance. The Council has spoken. ~ Grace Solaris


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