Restoring the sacred bond of sisterhood between women


Beloved Mary Magdalene shared some beautiful and deep insights with me on the importance of healing the divine feminine aspect… of restoring the sacred sister bond between women, that was “cut” during thousands of years of patriachal dominion and repression of the divine feminine. The Archetype of Lilith (the seductess, the betrayer, witch, demonic aspect of the divine feminine), which was purposefully created to foster division not only within women themselves and their connection to their divine feminine aspect, but also to destroy the sacred bond of sisterhood, that had existed since the beginning of time. The sisterhood however could not be destroyed, neither could the bond be destroyed, but nevertheless the repression of the divine feminine has created much distortion within women (and men) about the feminine attributes and has caused deep wounds of distrust, shame, guilt and fear (and hence competition) between women, as every women is a trigger and mirror of the archetypal aspect of Lilith, until she has healed it within herself. Magdalene showed me and had me feel the intensity of the love and the promise of healing that it offers, when we offer other women a healing space to heal this old wound, when we connect with our heart with a woman on the deepest core level and offer our love unconditionally, when we offer a space of no-judgement, no comparison, no competion… She showed me how deep and profound the love between women are, that in fact when we allow ourselves to truly feel it (without the distrust and fear), we are all One and the sisterhood has our back, if we only re-connect with its deep roots, that we carry within our heart. It is eternal, alive and vibrant an open circle where all are welcome, (no one is excluded), which we can join and be part of again. It is beyond religion, culture or spiritual tradition. It is a source of sovereign power, deep nuturing healing and love, that is capable of “moving mountains”, as it connect us to our divine roots, the heart of goddess, the Mother of all that is, the primordal vessel of the Shekinah. It is critical, that every woman dedicate herself to heal these wounds in herself to enable her to re-connect with the divine feminine in its healed aspect and to re-join the sisterhood from within her heart to reestablish divine balance within self and within humanity. Men too must heal their divine feminine aspect and regain trust in women and in opening up to their divine feminine aspects. But it is the women, that can truly offer this space of healing and mentoring to every women with an open heart, listening, caring and loving every women, every sister from the depth of her being like a mother her child, woman to woman, sister to sister. And from this space of grace the goddess shall reemerge in every women and every man and reestablish divine balance and harmony on the planet. The goddess shall reemerge once again and take on her role as the shepard of humanity. And the holy grail shall reemerge within every man and woman as the unification and gratification of the masculine and feminine christ. I am deeply grateful to Mary Magdalene for the visions she shared and the depth of healing she had me feel, when this deep healing is taking place. I will share more on this as I am guided. The Shakti energy is coming alive like a sleeping volcano that is roaring from within…. can you feel her…. it is time, it is time.

Note: I have been guided to offer sessions with Mary Magdalene for the purpose of restoring divine trust to enable you to re-connect with the sisterhood and your inner divine feminine aspect, to heal and transform any wounds, that hold you in fear and as a result distorts your relation with women (and men) and your inner goddess. If you recognise aspects of your self in the above message, you might feel called to a session. Please send me and email, if you want more information or want to book a session.

~ Grace Solaris

Photo of Maui sisters of Goddess Rising Mystery School Goddess Rising Sisterhood Goddess Rising. 13 Moon Sisterhood. By Cadencia Photography used here with Love & gratitude.

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