Sacred relationships – a commitment to grow and mentor your partner



Entering a sacred relationship is a commitment to show up and be with what ever shows up and not withdraw when things surface, that makes us uncomfortable and fearful. Love also includes granting another the space and freedom to “sit with” and have alone-time to have a deeper look, but when this starts to become a pattern, then it indicates, that there is a failing commitment to solve things mutually as sacred partners on soul´s journey. When we grant the other the gift of being seen in our vulnerability, in our confusion, our fear and our pain, we create a nurturing safe space for healing and growth. We grant each other permission to see our wounds and vulnerability without fear of being judged, but simply being with it, giving it space to be acknowledged and seen for what it is and so true healing can take place…. a healing space of peace, where we can feel safe and trust, that our partner will embrace us and love us in all our facets and supports us in embracing and loving ourselves unconditionally.

Being rejected when offering our partner love and support, when issues show up and we are in our most vulnerable state, will most likely stear up old wounds of being rejected and fears of abandonment in the other. Further it is dismissing the very purpose of the relationship, namely that of growing and evolving together individually and as sacred partners by serving the other, by being there for the other as a caring mentor and loving friend.

Being aware if and when ego is at play in one or both parties isn´t a problem, when this is recognised and accepted by both, which demands 100% honesty and self integrity 24/7. Each much take responsability for their actions and refrain from using their partner as a projection “screen” as a means of denial. However when this is failed by one or both, the gap between the two will tend to grow, as there is no transparancy and authenticity to build a foundation of love on, a lack of trust will deepen the gap between the two, until all foundation is gone.

However when both parties commit to “stay in” and hold a space of love and acceptance, where healing and trust can arise, the true purpose of a sacred relationship is fulfilled and this is what future relationships will be build on and what will turn any disfunctional relationship into something beautiful and powerful, something that will strenghten the sacred bond between them and create divine balance between the divine feminine and masculine within both in authentic service to each other and the Greater Whole thru being mentors to each other. ~ Linda Grace –

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