Open your wings of joy and start living the life you dream of

Who-you-truly-are session, channeling apx 1hr

The ascended masters, angels, spiritual guides and most of all your soul have no greater desire than to assist you in re-membering who you truly are and align you with your divine essence. They wish to show you your divine potential, your unique gifts and re-connect you with you divine self, so you can live your divine purpose and planetary mission. When you re-member who you truly are, all suffering can come to an end and you will see thru all the self-imposed suffering, that was caused by your limited self. When you establish a permanent re-connection with your divine self or higher self divine bliss and joy will be predominant in your life, as you start to honor and create the life you came here to live.

The sessions offered can be done as a pure channeled message or as a combination of a channeled message, intuitive reading and interactive skype session. Or as a skype session only. I also offer Skype Light-Transmission sessions, Reconnecting you to Source and your divine self. Let me know what the purpose for your session is and I will tune into which session will serve you the best.

I always ask, that only that which serves your highest good at this present moment be brought to your attention now. If you wish to cover certain themes and ask questions, I willl adress this. However, often it is better to leave an open space for soul and spiritual guides to determine, what is most needed now, which is not always what we believe it is.

As soon as I am connected divine love and light starts a flow of transforming energy going through my channel and sacred heart reaching for the parts of you, which need care and attention with the aim of bringing awareness to places of unconsciousness and love to places of pain. Your guides and angels know exactly, which kind of energy you need to serve your highest good right now. From the moment of your booking my higher aspect starts to work with you in the higher realms, which you might feel or not.

I do not know beforehand which angel or master of light will appear for the session. I work with many different entities varying from angels, archangels, elohim, ascended masters and star beings, as I am a messenger and channel of the Cosmic Council, which is a conglomerate of many higher beings of light from the ascended and angelic realms. If you wish a message from a specific master or angel you feel connected to, I can adress that particular being of light, but cannot guarentee anything, as only that which serves your highest good, will happen. The best thing you can do is to leave it all open. And most of all let go of all expectations of a certain outcome or of certain answers. Trust that all is happening to your highest good at all times. There are no mis-takes. Such thought derives from ego. Soul knows all is serving you without exception.

Please note that the words in a channeled session, are less important than the energy being transmitted. One of the reasons to this is, that words often do not suffice to explain deep spiritual truths and cannot be fully realized, as the language of our soul is sound and light and because of the censoring of our linear based mind. You may say that the words are only the wrapping and the energy being transmitted is the content. So do not put too much focus on the words themselves, but open your heart to receive the message energetically through your heart. The energy transmission has a much profounder effect and will interact and communicate with the divine intellegence of your heart, body and energetic field even after the session is over. Do not worry, if you cannot receive the session in person. Time does not exist, there is only the eternal Now, so when you receive (read or hear) the session it is happening in that exact moment. And the physical distance between you and me is only a conscious thought.

Also note that what I do has nothing to do with foretune telling, because you are the one that create your reality either consciously or unconsciously. If I would or could give you all the answers, I would take your power away and this is exactly what I don’t want. What I offer is an assistence to help you become aware of your true potential and find the answers within. My deepest wish is to assist you in empowering yourself and help you realize who you truly are by pointing out in which areas of your life, you have given your power away or is limiting yourself. Scroll down to view the different sessions I offer.

Energy exchange 111 Euros ($135)




Life purpose readings/Who You Truly Are: (channeling apx. 1 hour)

As many start to feel “complete” on this planet due to years of inner work and having awakened to their true essence, also you might feel a sense of purpose-less-ness as you have or are completing your ascension…. that means that you are now ready to embark on your true mission or the second part of your life´s purpose.The first part was simply a preparation for this second part of your earth mission, which gave you the needed experiences. However we all have come with a special gift or tool thru which we can serve the whole and at the same time take delight in our earth journey…. because our foremost purpose is to live in happiness and oneness with all of existence. Some people do not feel this purpose-less-ness as they are already living their life purpose. Mayby you are just feeling a burning desire awakening in you to know why you are here and this too means you are ready to embark on your life´s mission. In a life purpose reading the guides will help you realize your gift(s) and inspire and/or show you ways of implementing it. These readings may be very specific and concrete in nature or sometimes seeds are planted in you for you to realize for yourself exactly what is is you are here to do, because there might be an important lesson for you in realizing it for yourself. Hence do not expect to get a 3 step plan as to how, when and what to do, but more of an energetical trigger to help you remember your mission, which you carry in your heart. It is with the greatest joy, that I now offer these sessions.

Energy exchange 111 Euros ($135)





Starseed Activation Start-kit

As a starseed you knew from early on deep within your heart, you have come to this planet to make a difference. You always had a strong and indestructable curiousity and an inquenchable thirst to ask questions and never allowed yourself to conform to rules and traditions, as they have proved to go against the nature of evolution itself these last thousands of years in earths planetary history. As a starseed you have a naturel tendency to check in with your inner heart wisdom. You do not just “buy” into something, because someone else claims it. This is exactly what starseeds and new earth aquarians are about.

It is time to step forward and reclaiming our seat in the galactic councils as the star beings we truly are. It is time to owning our galactic supremacy and merging with our starmonad oversoul mothership.

No reason to wait for their landing. You are here to land the galactic consciousness, that they hold in form in the starships and motherships surrounding this planet to support our ascension into 5D and beyond. The starships is nothing but galactic consciousness “containers” and many of those that you identify as your galactic family is nothing but a “future” version of who you are. They are no different to you, in fact we are one and the same, just that they inhabit and serve on a different vibrational reality and light frequency. 

This Starseed-Startkit is offered to assist the starseeds, frequency holders, galactic gatekeepers, blue rays and ascension pioneers in fully opening up to and paving the way for their galactic ancestry to anchor in and become true embodiments of galactic christ consciousness, fully empowered starportals, so that you may serve and fulfill your planetary mission and assist Gaia in joining her twin Venus in the 5th dimensional timeline of love~unity and harmony and abundance. The Acturians offer these dna upgrades and activations to assist us in transmuting all the distortions in our dna and upgrading and repoling us to unity christ consciouness and connect us with our full divine avatar blueprint mastery. This startkit is put together to cater for the needed vibrational platform and cellular receptivity to transfigurate into our fullest dna blueprint and to support the metaforphosis of our body into become crystaline beings by restructuring our cells from being carbon based to silicon based molecules of love.

This package consists of 3 groundbraking and highly transformational activations, that each focus on different things. Please scroll down to read the specifics to each activation on this page. They consists of:

  1. 13th Dna Strand Activation 
  2. DNA Cell-Repolarization Activation & Stellar Axiatonal Alignment
  3. Starseed Starportal Activation

Each activation is apx. 40 min. and done as a remote light transmission with no audio or live encounter involved. We simply agree to meet in spirit and connect at a synchronized time for the activation. You are asked to lie down comfortably and connect with the Arcturians and my higher arcturian aspect, that will then work with you remotely. After the actual activation is over,  please remain lain down and allow enough time as it feels right to anchor in and integrate the energies. The initial integration takes apx. 48 hrs, so please allow for as much rest and sleep as possible. To completely integrate and reconfigurate into the new vibration you must allow for up to 2 weeks. Being a lot in nature and drinking a lot of water supports the integration, which impacts your entire body make-up, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, including upgrading your central nervous system, endocryne system, and chakric system, rewiring and building of new neural pathways in your brain. It impacts and shapeshifts your whole perception of your self and your reality. 

It is a kick-starter to shapeshift you into the magnificent starbeing, that in truth you are, so that you may serve and fulfill your soul´s purpose and step into your planetary mission as a sovereign avatar of light and leave the 3D matrix of separation for good. 

To book the Starseed Startkit please click here and send me an email so that we can schedule you in.

The energy exchange for these 3 activations, which are each apx. 45 min. is 244 Euro, normal price if you book the activations individually is 264 Euro. 






One-to-One Activations, upgrades and upleveling of our dna with the Arcturians to reinstore our galactic avatar blueprint on all levels of your being. Please read specifics under each activation below, apx. 45 min:



Elohim Stemcell Angelic Code Activation & Angelic Blood Transfiguration with the Elohim and Arcturian and Lyran Councils of light. Apx. 1 hour. 

This epic activation and transfiguration is a dna download of the original angelic encoding of the creator and a re-union with our cosmic angelic parents, the Elohim, which are of lyran origin. All of the star races lineages that we know today are offsprings from the Lyra constellation. In the early times of the galactic history back to the creation of the first humanoid races, our dna has been fragmented both willingly and unwillingly by different fragmentations (races) of this original pool of consciousness. This download is an upgrade to our original angelic blueprint of Source, father/mother/god. Due to manipulations and egoic intervention because of personal agendas, our dna got fragmented and led to a downfall of the original oneness consciousness and remembrance of our Source and angelic ancestry. Now is the return of the bewinged ones, which has been prophetized in numerous cultures across the planet, that hold evidence of creator god-like beings, that used to inhabit the planet, that has been recorded thru oral transmissions, wall paintings etc. 

The Elohim told me already back in 2008 that humans originate from them and December last year, they announced, that they were preparing for a massive download/imprint/seeding of the elohim consciousness onto the planet in 2018. Now is the time. Thru the powerful oneness portal, that has been prepared for on Sunday 11th of November, which is a 11:11:11 gateway, where all cosmic powers unite and open the veil and aligns ALL TIMELINES, ALL DIMENSIONS, ALL PARALLEL REALITIES, we are given this divine unprecendented opportunity to receive this great dispensation of light and angelic dna activation. However the imprinting of this gateway and the group forcefield exists in the 0-point eternal Now and thus I have been guided to offer this activation as a one-one activation to make this evolutionary activation of our angelic genotype dna available to as many as possible. 

Angelic blood transfiguration 

In the original stage as a humanoid race, where we were still holding mainly angelic dna, we did not have the same blood as today. Thru tampering with our dna, we were set up for a predator/victim matrix and programmed to survival mode (us versus them), the duality based programming, that was set up to allowing us to explore separation, both willingly and unwillingly and our blood was changed in its compound and vibration and turned to “red” (red is the first chakra, root chakra, which is all about survival. Our original blood was crystaline, rather like liquid light white/blusish (electric blue) in colour, that held the vibration of cosmic christ ~ unity conscousness. It served the purpose of maintaining a high vibration and nurturing our body with galactic rejuvenating plasma, hence we were able to live in the same physical vessels for hundreds of years, even up to a thousand years. 
Thru this transfiguration our blood will be initiated into a transmution, that will start a gradual alchemization of our blood back to its original galactic plasma origin. This will be done in the pace and timing, that our cells, that are currently undergoing a reconstructuring from carbon to silicon based compound will be compatible with in vibration and able to “hold”, so this is nothing that happens overnight but in divine timing. 

Needless to say this activation and transfiguration is a massive evolutionary step for the humanoid race to return to and reclaim their original angelic stemcell genotype blueprinting, a reclaiming of our eternal state of being as co-creator gods owning our full angelic potential godselves and a homecoming and reunion with our cosmic parents, the Elohim.

To receive this remote light transmission, download and Activation you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission and hold divine intent to receive what is to your best and highest good right now to allow for the actualization of your angelic dna.We will agree on a time to connect in spirit for the activation. Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and let go of all expectations. Then simply open your heart and state your divine intent to receive. 

Apx. 60 min, Energy Exchange:  111 Euro




13th Dna Strand Activation with the Arcturians one-on-one. Apx. 45 min.

I have been guided to share these monumental light transmissions one-on-one, which is a download and activation of our “missing” dna strand, the 13th dna strand, which the Arcturians refer to as the seal of the star of David (mentioned in the Keys of Enoch). A dna strand that was removed from our original galactic dna due to the hidden schedule of certain entities, that experimented with human dna even before the fall of Atlantis (representatives from certain star races that were not in favor of the earths evolution and had their own agenda, they later incarnated in and infiltrated the atlantean inner circle priesthood ). This missing dna has kept the human race separated from their original divine galactic template blueprinting for thousands of years… and created not only the perception and feeling of a veil, but also created a deep gap between source and self. The 13th dna strand is the strand, that consists of the complete divine avatar blueprint, our galactic origin in its wholeness, which at the same time connects and aligns us to the 13th dimensional plane of existence.

Whereas 12th dimensional plane is the seat of the great central sun and galactic core, the 13th dimensional plane is Source itself for this particular galaxy. Needless to say that when we receive the download of this missing link to source, we receive the template of and become the galactic beings that in truth we are. The veil is removed and we are fully aligned with source BEYOND individuation. It is a merging with the twinflame within. In the 12th plane of existence there is still a sense of self experiencing itself as differentiated (not disconnected) from Source. The 13th dna strand is what “glues” everything into ONE and what seals it….
When we are receiving this download the left and right hemisphere of our brain is reconnected thru a golden lemniscate (the infinite symbol), which is an energetical construct, that connects and seals and anchors energies, this will allow for complete balance and divine union between all polarities, between our divine feminine and masculine aspects, between our heart and intellect in divine union.

This is an evolutionary quantum leap from human into galactic consciousness, becoming ONE with Source beyond individuation. The step that comes after the actualization and completion of our ascension. Needless to say that your entire divine potential, which exists in 0-point eternal now, will become available and “at hand”… your divine gifts and talents will flower and you will have a brand new sense of oneness, that will no longer be “threatened” or weakened by the egoic mind.. or at least you will become aware of it, when it happens and can accordingly transcend it in the clarity of oneness. All veils are lifted. You will merge and perceive yourself and source as one and the same beyond individuation, when you are fully present in your heart and aligned to the galactic heart and your avatar body template consciousness.

If you feel ready to take this epic quantum leap and shift into galactic consciousness oneness, please book your session. This is a quantum leap into the golden age, which will leave all polarity behind. The Arcturians will remove all that is in the way for you to expand into this oneness with Source, a peeling off of all layers of falsehood, illusions, negative beliefs and veils of illusion. It will strip you to the core to give way for the galactic avatar mastery presence to become actualized within your body awareness and align your mind/heart into ONE in the sacred space of your heart and promote an awakening of your divine gifts and talents and sense of Oneness with Source.

Apx. 45 min. 88 Euros





Starseed Starportal Activation one-on-one with the Arcturians apx. 45 min

The Arcturians and the Cosmic Dolphin Collective are offering this unprecedented opportunity of having your starportal activated. Dear starseed this is the time we have prepared for… no need to wait for the landing of our galactic family…. we are them.. By preparing and allowing for the opening of your starportal, you will assist in rising the light frequeny of the collective to allow for the star alliances to become visible and palpable and show up in vessels not to “save us” but to unite as ONE and continue our work to anchor in the galactic consciousness avatar age of light. If you feel called to connect with your star family and galactic higher aspect this is for you.
During this activation the Arcturians and the Cosmic Dolphin Council will download high frequency sparkling silvery diamond crystalline light. I was told it is a metal called Palladium, which is an excellent fuser of light and energy transducer. They download this for the fusion of the Stellar Gateways within our body, which will activate our Starportal. They have told me, that many currently incarnated, but especially the starseeds, blue rays, frequency holders and gatekeepers are star portals and explained, that what they do in this transmision is activating the stellar gateways within our body. We have placed encoded crystals (record keepers) within our being, that form unique exquisite geometrical patterns and what they refer to as stellar gateways, which are the pathways between these crystal mandala formation starportals. You will be coated in this liqiuid light to aid you in the fusion with your “Mothership”. This is not a ship as such, it is actually pure consciousness, that is condensed into matter when entering the physical dimension. They explained that in this particular transmission, they will be activating the Starseed Collective. The Mothership is the consciousness of a collective of starseeds…. the Starseed Monad, which you serve and belong to in your higher galactic aspect. It is a conglomerate of different star alliances, not necessarily only one particular star race. When the starportal is activated in you, it is like a key opening in you, that will activate and unleash the divine intel of the crystal record keepers about your mission, your divine talents and gift and how to implement them… it will become conscious and available in you, as you need them. Many of us have already had access to some of the information of the individual record keepers, however this is an activation and fusing of ALL of them, which will activate your starportal and connect you to the Mothership. This will also link up all the starseeds, that serve the same Mothership and have a common mission.
We all have individual missions and tasks to fulfill, which is all stored in the crystal banks within our being. You will also receive additional downloads, that will support you in serving your purpose and mission on this planet and upgrades of your medulla oblongata, pineal gland and pituitary glad. It is a homecoming and claiming of your star intellegence and galactic consciousness, which will allow you to act in and as the space commander, that in truth you are. Commanding space simply means mastering your vibration and creating out of your infinite galactic christ potential. It is owning your avatar mastery and serving as a conscious starbeing, applying all your galactic gifts and talents in service of the Gallactic Collective of Star Alliences. This is a stepping forward and anchoring in the new Golden Avatar Age of Light.

If you feel ready to take this epic quantum leap and shift into galactic consciousness oneness, please book this one-to-one activation. This is a quantum leap into GALACTIC UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which will leave all polarity behind.

What you need to do to prepare and receive this activation:

To receive this remote light transmission you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission and hold divine intent to receive what is to your best and highest good right now for the Activation of your Starmonad Portal, so that you may walk in mastery as a conscious starbeing in human form. We will agree on a time to connect in spirit for the activation. Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and let go of all expectations. Then simply open your heart and state your divine intent to receive.

The transmission is apx. 45 min. There is no audio, podcast or similar involved. It is not needed in this kind of transmission. After the transmission is complete, please remain in a relaxed meditative state to allow for a deeper anchoring and integration of the energies as long as it feels right before you get up.

Energy exchange 88 Euro




DNA Cell-Repolarization Activation & Stellar Axiatonal Alignment 

The Arcturians and the Galactic Dolphins as well as my galactic self are delighted to invite you to this monumental and groundbraking light transmission, which is part of the ongoing galactic dna upgrades and activations, that is so graciously offered to us by the Arcturians.

This transmission is both an upgrade and activation. In the first part of the transmission a repolarization of the cells is facilitated by the Arcturians. They are telling me this is the next evolutionary stage in the transmutation of the humanoid dna on a cellular level, a change in the molecular atomic structure and charge of our cells to synthesize us with our galactic dna and star monad oversoul to becoming the crystaline multidimensional beings we are destined to be. During my activation and preparation they told and showed me, that we have been going thru a gradual change in our cells to prepare them for a complete cell-restructuring from carbon to silicon based cells and this is the culmination of that work. This is a change in the molecular and chemical structure of the cells, that has a massive and radical impact on the way we perceive ourself and the universe we are a part of. It is also a change in the electro-magnetic charge in our cells. It will allow for an immense rise in light frequency and the vibrational spinning rate of the cells. This activation is crowned with a reboot of our cells to allow us to fully anchor in our galactic christ unity avatar blueprint on a cellular level to enable and support our lightbody in holding and vibrating on pure source plasmic energy 24/7. When this cosmic unison is established within the cells, you will feel and perceive yourself as a star portal and part of the planetary body, a consciousness field, read, light being around which the planets and stars orbit as part of the universal field of consciousness beyond the human egoic illusion of self and experience a state of ecstatic unity-bliss-joy, which is our naturel state of being of transcendence and galactic supremacy. You will enter and become the center of the quantum 0-point eternal field of consciousness.

The Arcturians tells us, that it is critical that we change our perception of the planet itself, that it is paramount to understand, that the planet itself is more than dense matter, she is a cosmic vibrant living field of consciousness, a galactic being, that our well-being and evolution depends on and that we need to align with to communicate and exchange energies with. The earth´s kundalini is playing a vital role for the ascension of the earth and the descension of spirit into matter. The earth´s kundalini is actually a powerful electrical conduit to assist the galactic consciousness of our multiple self(ves) to anchor into our lightbody merkabah and to stabilize us. It is a circuit to maintain the constant flow of the toroidal field of the planet, which you have a replica of within your chakric energy system. The tantric energy of Gaia is acting as a transducer of energies, that assist in clearing our kundalini channels to enable a continual flow and blend of cosmic energies and a persistent alignment with the planetary, stellar and universal grids. However to fully connect and ground with Gaia, turn within, understand she is within you, rather than you “standing on her”, which is a misconcept of the truth of matter. Instead hold the vision of Gaia within your heart and you will no longer feel ungrounded, but will anchor her into your being. She is a nurturing source for your well-being on all levels of your being, a divine intellegent field of love, that will always cater for your immediate needs as a galactic being, as she sees you as an extension of her, as inter-connected and so she will feel what you need. If you tune in and hold the divine intent to receive, she will provide you with the energies you need in any given moment. You can interact with her telepathically. When you feel scattered, anxious or nauseous go out and connect with her. Open your heart to feel, to listen and to intuit, it is your naturel way of communing and communicating with her and with all cosmic beings. The tantric energy which she emits from the star core of her being, is cosmic life force energy, that your body needs and uses to regenerate, rejuvenate and balance. Because of the gradual poleshift Gaia is going thru, we stress the importance of aligning yourself with the earth´s poles daily simply by stating your divine intent. Thru consistent practice a conscious thought will be enough to adjust your inner compass to the current “north” and the planets axis.

The second part of this transmission is a stellar axiatonal alignment which will align your inner christ grid with the crystaline grid of the earth and the universal grid as a whole.

Stellar Axiatonal Transfiguration

The axiatonal lines is a pathway (stellar gateways) for cosmic energy in the body and the energy network or grid in the light body where all dimensional frequencies are transduced into the meridians, chakras and etheric nadial structure. These vertical lines move throughout the entire light body running energy to the chakras. These vertical lines have intersection points with the horizontal fields that project out the chakra cones, and where the DNA manifests. Each axiatonal line has a corresponding dimension, chakra and frequency color. The same network or grid of axiatonal lines, that are present in the personal lightbody is interconnected to the axiatonal lines of the planetary body. The planetary crystaline grid is an exact replica of our personal energy network (and vice versa) and this expands throughout the unified field of energetic layers that comprise the planetary, galactic, and universal consciousness energy systems… and this divine blueprint is also imprinted within each atom of our being. As each drop is an exact replica of the atomic structure of the ocean and seen from a higher perspective the larger cosmic ocean. Due to the repolarization and change of the charge in the cells an axiatonal transfiguration is needed to keep you fully aligned and synthesized with the planetary, stellar and universal energy grids and to keep you in tune with the electro magnetic currents of the earth.

This transmission is an evolutionary quantum leap from human into galactic consciousness, becoming ONE with Source beyond individuation. The step that comes after the actualization and completion of our ascension. From humanoid dense being to galactic light being. Needless to say that your entire divine potential, which exists in 0-point eternal now, will become available and “at hand”. Your divine gifts and talents will flower and you will have a brand new sense of oneness, that will no longer be “threatened” or weakened by the egoic mindset of duality.. or at least you will be aware of it, when ego comes in your way to inter-fear and can accordingly refocus and realign in love-unison. This will also cause an upgrade and finetuning of your central nervous system, which will impact your sensory perception to becoming uper sentisized (syntesized). All veils are lifted as your consciousness immerse into the 0-point quantum field. You will merge and perceive yourself and source as one and the same beyond individuation, when you are fully present in your heart and aligned to the galactic heart and your avatar lightbody template. We are going crystaline and “gravitating” to lightbody galactic intelligence and reclaiming our seat in the galactic council as the stars we truly are. It is a returning home and immersion with our starmonad oversoul mothership.

If you feel ready for this monumental shift into galactic consciousness unison, please follow the instructions below to sign up. This is a quantum leap into the golden age, which will leave all polarity behind.

What you need to do to participate and sign up:

To receive this remote light transmission you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission and hold divine intent to receive what is to your best and highest good right now. Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and just let go of all expectations. Be fully present in your heart and state your divine intent to receive this activation.
The transmission will be apx. 45 min. This is a remote light transmission and activation. There is no audio, podcast or similar involved. It is not needed in this kind of transmission. After the transmission is complete, please remain in a relaxed meditative state to allow for a deeper anchoring and reconfiguration as long as it feels right before you get up. This goes very deep and it is important to allow your body plenty of rest and sleep to replenish and reconfigurate your entire body. This is a total cellular reboot and you might feel depleted for a day or two after the activatation, after which you will feel strengthened, vital and full of energy and a whole new sense of presence and inter-connectedness.

Apx. 40 min Energy exchange: 88 Euro




Arc of the Covenant Cosmic Heart-Brain Activation with the Arcturians

This is an activation of the Thalamus gateway, which will connect the pineal gland (the feminine aspect of our brain) with the pituitary gland (the masculine aspect of our brain) which will be connected thru an electrical circuitry, this will ignite billions of neural pathways and dormant dna to life. They call this the birthing of the Covenant of the Arc, as this gateway will unite the two hemispheres of our brain and give us full access to the akashic records. This will give birth to the cosmic Heart~Brain, which wil enable us to use both sides of our brain simultaniously similar to what the dolphins are able to. It will allow us to bypass the limitations of duality-based thinking and give way for unity based cosmic consciousness to fill our being. This will give us full access to the quantum field of the 0-point akashic library, or rather we become the Covenant of the Arc, cosmic universal intellegence in physical embodiment.

This is a gigantic step for humanity, that the starelders and ancient yogis were embodying before our dna was corrupted and tampered with by certain et´s that had agendas for the earth, that only served and incorporated the masculine principle, which was done with the aim of gaining controle and cause division on this planet, which indeed they succeeded in. We are here to claim back our divine inheritance and galactic majesty. It is time beloveds, it is time. We are the bewinged ones, that we have been waiting for.

If you feel called and ready to claim your galactic wisdom and divine gifts and talents. This activation will be a stepping stone to reclaim and remember all our galactic talents such as telekinesis, bi-location, teleportation as well as remembering and using the universal light language and telepathic communication with all beings as this is the universal language, the language of the love, which is the fruit of unity consciousness.

Apx. 45 min. energy exchange 88 Euro



Tripple Helix Ribbon of Life Dna Activation

Throughout human evolution a degradation of the human dna took place as huge parts (the socalled junk dna) was “shut down” and essential parts of our dna was extracted, which left us as a specie with only a double helix 12th dna strand. This was going to determine our destiny and the destiny of the planet as a “sleeper planet”. We were put into amnesia. This distortion of our dna, caused humanity to being held in separation from their creator and godself throughout thousands of years, as humans did not have fully access to their galactic avatar blueprint and thus were kept in bondage, in I-solation from their christed godself under patriachal dominion. The 3rd helix is our missing link back to our divinity and to being the eternal beings were destined to be as angelic beings of light. As well as extracting dna, our electromagnetic field and the spinning of our cells was reversed to clock-wise spinning, which brought us out of alignment with the flower-of-life convergence 0-point toroidal field counter-clockwise sacred spinning. Thru these monthly transmission the Arcturians have been preparing our system in reinstoring the original sacred blueprint.

Tripple Helix Activation

As I was given information to this activation it was introduced to me by beloved Wayne Dyer, that serves under the Arcturian High Council as part of the Cosmic Dolphin Collective. He explained, that the function of the 3rd helix is a sort of self-repair modality of the dna, a self healing helix. This is its sole purpose. They told me that there are a few species, that still have residues of the 3rd helix in their dna, namely the the lizard. The green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis), when caught by a predator, can lose its tail and then grow it back. It takes lizards more than 60 days to regenerate a functional tail. So the 3rd helix is responsible for an ongoing rejuvenation and renewal of the cells and genes. This download and activation will result in a reversal of the aging process for good. We are becoming eternal.
However this must be understood as a development, which we are going thru, that is initiated… in fact it is already initiated, as the human race is going thru a change in the alchemical compound of the cells from carbon to silicon based and ongoing dna upgrades and downloads which is happening to the human species as a whole. The Arcturians have been and are doing revolutionary work to support us in this and have already given activations with 13th dna strand activation, cell repolarization and reversal of toroidal field to counter-clockwise amongst other things. However, no matter where you are in the process of this transmutation of your dna and alchemical makeup, they will tailor it to your body´s current status and light frequency. For the tripple helix to become fully operationable according to its divine purpose, it is preliminary that our cells are repolarized, and the spinning of the toros field is reset to counter-clockwise, but also that the biochemestry in the cells is to be transmuted to silicon based compounds. In this download and activation the Arcturians will also be working with the circuitry of the cells and adding certain amino acids chains, that will promote the building of silicon in the cells, that are necesary to create the needed electro magnetic environment for the tripple helix to operate and serve its purpose.

Needless to say ALL will receive all of this this in divine timing, however the Arcturians are here to support the forerunners and pioneers of light, that are here to change these things within self to support the Collective in a total flip-over to reinstore our divine blueprint avatar majesty and reclaim our seat in the galactic high councils and become ETERNAL.

This is a quantum leap into the golden age, which will leave all polarity behind once and for all.

To receive this remote light transmission you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission and hold divine intent to receive what is to your best and highest good right now.We will agree on a time to connect in spirit for the activation. Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and let go of all expectations. Then simply open your heart and state your divine intent to receive.

The transmission is apx. 45 min.  After the transmission is complete, please remain in a relaxed meditative state to allow for a deeper anchoring and integration of the energies as long as it feels right before you get up.

Apx. 45 min Energy exchange: 88 Euro



Pole Reversal to 0-point Eternal Life Conversion Activation with the Arcturians

You will receive a total pole reversal of the toroidal field, also known as toros, which centerpoint is within your heart. The toroidal field stretches out to apx. 70 inches and is an exact replica of the toroidal field of the planet and the entire multiverse. The root or energetical structure of all forms is a torus. It is the underlying structure of every atom, molecule, cell, crystal, plant, animal, human, planet, solar system, and galaxy. Each torus is nested within and integrated into another, more encompassing torus. This is the very nature of the universe.


However throughout human evolution humanity has been subject to manipulation (amputation) of the divine blueprint from reptilian races with their own agenda, that have been messing up with the humanoid dna and twisted it and turned things upside down. This has also caused a distortion of our dna strings, which had had the consequence, that humanity has been held in separation from their creator and godself throughout thousands of years, as humans did not have fully access to their galactic avatar blueprint and thus were kept in bondage, in I-solation from their christed godself under patriachal dominion.
However now is time where we have reached a high enough consciousness level and light frequency collectively and indiviidually to receive the needed assistence to reclaim our galactic ancestry and the Arcturians as well as other galactic beings of light from the ascended and angelic realms are working diligently to assist us in this thru these monthly global transmissions with dna upgrades, downloads and activations. In this transmission you will receive a download and complete pole reversal, that will restore the sacred geometry blueprinting of your cellular structure and the toroidal field of your heart, which was originally poled to oneness, the flower of eternal life, from the beginning of life on this planet, where we were still creator gods and master builders of form.

The impact that this pole reversal will have is EPIC and REVOLUTIONARY. It will reverse the age process, because thru the change of the electro magnetic charge of your toroidal field the charge of the cells will change and cause them to spin in accordance with the 0-point eternal life convergence field in a counter-clockwise spin. It will effect our entire cellular functions of the body as well as allowing for full sensory perception and oneness with all-that-is. It is a complete lifting of all veils. Throughout this activation they also showed me, that this will also change the blood plasma and I even sensed that collective “implanted” reptilian residue was extracted from my body and dna, as I received the activation. It is the breaking of the new dawn. They showed me that in the new earth 5th dimensional realm, when the earth has fully ascended, the planet will turn into a star and orbit two suns… they referred to this as the breaking of the dawn… This is beyond amazing and ground breaking. The toroidal field of the 5th dimension and beyond is already spinning in this counter-clockwise way, so you may say we are being configurated to inhabit this new vibrational realm of unity consciousness, as we will simply not be able to function in the higher dimensions of light with non-functionable toroidal fields, as our merkabahs (lightbodies) will not operate effectively. Needless to say this reversal from duality linear into the harmonic convergence of unison of all-that-is will impact immensely on your whole perception of yourself as well as of reality itself. Your spiritual gifts and talents and your galactic higher aspect will merge into one with you. You will begin to experience yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience rather than a human being having a spiritual experience. Actually you will experience both simultaniously! This is how groundbraking effect, that this activation will catalyze. Thus you will begin to gain trust in your telepathic and psychic skills and you will experience them to spontaniously open and activate without your doing or if you are already using your spiritual gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, channel etc. they will be upleveled and finetuned immensely.

This is a quantum leap into the golden age, which will leave all polarity behind once and for all.

To receive this remote light transmission you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission and hold divine intent to receive what is to your best and highest good right now for the Activation, so that you may walk in mastery as a conscious starbeing in human form. We will agree on a time to connect in spirit for the activation. Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and let go of all expectations. Then simply open your heart and state your divine intent to receive.

The transmission is apx. 45 min.  After the transmission is complete, please remain in a relaxed meditative state to allow for a deeper anchoring and integration of the energies as long as it feels right before you get up.

Apx. 45 min Energy exchange: 88 Euro



Open Heart Light Surgery Activation 

You are invited to this immensely powerful activation on a one-to-one basis with the Arcturians, which was first hosted at the spectacular Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as global group event.

I have was prepared for this event for weeks and went thru a series of what was felt like heart light surgery, where a rewiring of the heart took place, which is what is going to happen in this activation and upgrade amongst other re-structuring of our body and cells. This is done to allow us to use our full capacity to feel and make use of our heart´s intellegence, to communicate and exchange with our brain (which is also being rewired) and our central nervous system, which again will enable us to experience the world from a whole new level of oneness as One Organism, so we will no longer be held in separation and experiencing self as a divided from source and all life whether it be human, animal, plant or crystal or extraterrestial lifeforms. It is a reinstoring of our original divine blueprint, that has been manipulated (amputated) at different stages of our human evolution due to the agenda of certain species to gain controle of humans and this planet.

The human heart, in addition to its other functions, actually possesses a heart-brain composed of about 40,000 neurons that can remember, sense, feel and communicate with all life. And it is thru the intellegence of the heart, the brain part of the heart, the quantum field, that our full creative potential is accesible. It contains a “starmap” of the universe and is connected thru a sacred grid or template. By the re-wiring of the heart we regain access to our spiritual siddhis like telekinesis (moving of objects), teleportation, bi-location and of course direct telepathic communication with other galactic family of light from this realm and beyond and it also allows for us to fully connect with the earth´s kundalini. This happens in synergy with the pineal gland and pituitary gland, our psychic intuitive centers.

This work is being offered to help humanity rise in consciousness and vibration to attain complete mastery and regaining our full capacity to feel… and I mean truly feel. Mary Magdalene told me, that the majority of humanity, some 90%, only are able to use apx. 10% of the hearts capacity to feel and connect with the emotional body of other beings, as we have shut down our feelings and barricated our heart and disconnected from our ecstatic body, which was then replaced by a painbody, which is a mind-construct outside of our body. And on top on this our inability to feel, commune and exchange with other beings thru the heart is because we have been held in separation due to the manipulation of our dna. I sensed that we are getting more and more dolphin-like when this restructuring of our dna and the change of our cells from carbon to silicon is complete.

This light transmission also supports the re-structuring of our cells from carbon to silicon based, which will turn us into 5D crystaline light beings, which is an ongoing process, which is promoted thru this series of Arcturian light transmissions, that are building upon each other. It will configurate your entire system to the re-set co-ordinates needed in the final ascension phase of the planet, that is to be anchored into your personal grid (matrix), as well as the planetary grid. This will impact immensely on your central nervous system and sentisize you to whole new frequencies of light and thereby activate unused potential in your heart~brain, as well as transfigurate your endocrine and chakric system to the solfeggio frequency of 432Hz of universal love, which the rewiring of the heart will cater for .

As a starseed and conscious light BE-Ing you know deep within, that you came here to play a particular role to catalyze this grand shift of consciousness that we are at the threshold of … your time is NOW to step forward, there is no more time to waste, and no need to prepare further. If you are already serving as a conduit and frequency holder your work will be taken to a brand new level or even change character. BE open and go with the flow and inner feeling (knowing).

Your time is now to step forward into your galactic mastery and fulfill your mission as a star BE-ing. You are love incarnate. Only with a complete open feeling heart will you be able to being of service and to complete your ascension.

What you need to do to prepare:

To receive this remote light transmission you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission and hold divine intent to receive what is to your best and highest good right now for the re-connection with your complete feeling potential and reconnection to your emotional body and soul immersion with ALL-That-Is. Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and just let go of all expectations.

After the transmission is complete, you may remain in a relaxed meditative state to allow for a deeper anchoring and integration of the energies as long as it feels right.

Energy exchange: 88 Euro



Goddess Name/Vibration Reading

I offer goddess name/vibration readings, where I will tune into your soul and receive information to your soul´s essence and the particular goddess aspect or divine feminine attributes, that will support you in the embodiment of your unique expression of the feminine christ. This aspect and these attributes are all inherent in you, but if not recognised and consciously embraced and embodied, they will not carry much impact on your being. The reading will also highlight your particular soul gifts and talents, that you have brought into this incarnation. As such this is not so much about the name itself, but the vibration, that it carries, as this will trigger and reinforce specific qualities in you, especially if you make use of it and “own its” vibration, it can be a means to a profound shifting of your vibration, that will affect your life on multiple levels, as your individual vibrational signature, is responded to by the universal forces and amplified to your highest good. Please book your reading if you feel called and ready to embrace your goddess aspect and be her voice in the world. Her voice is needed more than ever, and will be the instrumental force to bring back harmony and seeding the new earth consciousness haven on earth. The length of the reading is apx. 35 min. It doesn´t require us to meet on Skype but will be done in my private sacred space and recorded and sent to you as a mp3 audio file.

Energy exchange 77 Euros/95$



Re-connecting to Source & your divine Self
Light Transmission & Satsang (Skype apx. 1 hour):

In these sessions I hold the space of the Absolute, Source, Great Spirit, Atman or what Quantum Physisists call the O-point quantum field. It is a space of no thought-no mind, of infinite potential as it is the Source of All-that-Is. A space of pure God consciousness. In this space you can re-connect to your divine self and Source and see thru all illusion. All layers of illusion will dissolve one by one until there is only void and you will merge with your divine self and receive an upgrading to your divine blueprint, you will literally connect to and become ONE with Source. It is an ecstatic blissful experience of expansion, peace and stillness. If you already feel connected with your divine self these light transmissions will deepen the connection and you will receive the (dna) upgrading, that you are ready for at this point. The upgrading is an ongoing process as our human carbonbased genetics is turning more and more crystaline until we become fully silicon based beings. Silicon is the basis of all lifeforms in the 5th dimension and above.

In the first part of the session all that needs to be shedded will be removed and transformed and you will be reconnected to your divine self and Source. In some cases, depending on how much transformation work you have previously done, you will not feel this deep state of bliss right away, because ego aspects of you keep you from allowing full integration of your divine self. In this case all layers will be removed during the session(s) one by one until divine resurrection can take place and you will be able to re-connect with your divine self. In the second part of the session we will exchange about what surfaced and I will share what I intuitively felt and received during the transmission. You will also have the opportunity to adress issues or ask questions. Throughout the light transmission itself (first part of the session) we dwell in silence. If you are interested in organising a group event of a light transmission in your area, please contact me.

Energy exchange; 

1 Hour – 88 Euros/$110

In case finances is an issue I am open to do half sessions, please message me about this.

1/2 hour – 44 Euros/$55



Skype sessions vary from 90-120 min. It is combination of a reading, counseling and energy work. In skype sessions we can work “hands-on” with whatever issues you feel a need to look at… beliefs, thought patterns or whatever that seems to block your expression and which attracts the same scenarios on and on, old wounds that holds you in anger or pain or negative energies, that limitate you and hold you back from living life to the fullest. Whatever seeks to be adressed will surface. I hold a space of divine grace, which will give any aspect of you that seeks the light a safe space to surface . There might be hidden wounds, that you are not even aware of, that I will sense thru my clear feeling and adress. Many higher beings of light will be assisting us and also your spiritual guides will be present and offer their love and insight. Some times I am asked if I can make a short skype session. This however would not serve you. To really get round at what wants to be looked at and to open up and get to your deepest and innermost core, we need time, we cannot force anything. If we are limited by a time frame, you will feel under pressure and will have difficulities in opening up and releasing. And I can not close the session when you are raw and open, because time runs out, that would not serve you and leave you open and vulnerable. We need to allow for everything to display itself with ease and grace and to not close the session before you feel safe and good in a vibration of having “arrived”. Most sessions do take apx. 120 min and sometimes more, however one session is mostly enough to bring about the needed transformation and clarity, that is needed for you to start embracing your true potential and get on with creating the life you long for i.e. a permanent change.

Energy exchange heart donation:

€166/90 min./€222/120min.




The energy exchange is to be paid before the session to book your space. When you have been sceduled in, you will receive a paypal payment request in an email or you can use the paypal buttons. It is non-refundable unless you cancel the session min. 24 hours before the session. To book your session please transfer the energy exchange before the session, go to the page Contact and Booking and use the provided paypal button or use the Calender and contact form below.

I look forward to co-create with you as this is what it truly is,a giving and receiving, a birthing of an expanded understanding why you are here. It makes my heart sing with joy, every time I can assist others in realizing their true nature and purpose and be witness to the grace emerging from within when this “knowing” is awakened and shining thru. However it is important that you are fully commited and take responsability as the creator of your life, if you want change in your life. I am not here to do the things for you, but to empower you to do so by yourself. I am not here to deliver all the answers, but to help you find them within. Self empowerment comes from within and is a choice that only you can make, a gift you can only give yourself.

If you are not sure what type of session to choose, please send an email with a few lines to your motivation to get a session, so I can easier determine what kind of session suits you the best. Also tell me which timezone you live in, as I need this to scedule you in for the session.


NEW: Light transmissions/dna upgrades with the Arcturians

Are you ready to commit to let go and shed your incarnational story and trauma/drama/us-versus-them 3D duality timeline to merge with your galatic multidimensional reality timeline?
It is an inevitable step to actualize your ascension and the descension of your galactic self into your human vessel, which you will have to make sooner or later. Are you ready to spread your galactic wings?

I am offering one-on-one light transmissions with the Arcturians with DNA upgrades and an overall upleveling of your system and transfiguration to your galactic mastery and inheritance. In coherence with an ongoing expansion into our multi-dimensionality, our dna is being upgraded and as we advance and let go of layers of ego the magnitude of these upgrades are upleveled. This upgrading is now being greatly accelerated, as the increasing of earth´s light frequency, is enabling and reinforcing this process. This is part of re-instoring the galactic potential and wisdom, that we once had before the fall of awareness and the downfall of Atlantis. Our body is going thru a huge transmutation on all levels, where our cells are going thru an alchemical process from carbon to silicon based. We are literally turning crystaline. Vast areas of our dormant brain, the socalled junk dna, is being activated, this promotes a rewiring of our brain and triggers the birthing of new neural pathways and a reconfiguration of our entire central nervous system and endocrine system.
The Arcturians are here to support us in this shapeshifting by offering one-on-one light transmissions, which I have the honor to facilitate and being a conduit for. This upgrading is something that all of humanity is going thru no matter our galactic role on this planet, but especially starseeds will know and re-member in their deepest core, that this is something they have prepared for. Thru light transmissions the Arcturians will be downloading upgrades of our galactic dna, activating the dormant areas of our brain as well as the etherical crystals, that are placed in our bodies, that contain information about our galactic inheritance and lineage. This will assist us greatly in opening to our divine gifts/talents and soul memory of our galactic origin and purpose.

Remote light transmission: 20-25 min.

Energy exchange: 60 Euro/$75



Reconnecting with the divine feminine aspect and the cosmic sisterhood with Mary Magdalen (Light transmission & healing ritual via Skype)

I have been guided to offer sessions together with Mary Magdalene for the purpose of restoring divine trust to enable you to re-connect with your divine feminine aspect within and the cosmic sisterhood, which is your ancestral roots, a primordal force without which you cannot embrace your divine self, as it is intrinsically part of who you are. But because of deep wounds due to thousands of years of repression on the divine feminine we all carry wounds on our divine feminine aspect on all levels of our being, down to dna level, which distorts our relation to our inner divine feminine aspect in the form of distrust, fear, guilt, shame or in various other ways, but also complicates our relation to other women (and to men, because they too carry wounds on their divine feminine aspect). This was caused intentionally by the patriachal forces, that have “run” this planet for thousands of years for the purpose of creating division within every woman and every man, to preventing the connection to the divine feminine, as she is the doorway to source and our divine self. And it was also with the purpose of creating division between the ancient sisterhood between all women, that have existed since the beginning of time, a way to bring the divine feminine to her knees. Mary Magdalen has stepped forward in this time to offer her assistence to heal this deep collective wound, so that you may reclaim your power as a sovereign divine being and reattain divine balance and create divine union within, which is preliminary to your ascension.

You can read more about the importance of reconnecting with the divine feminine and cosmic sisterhood on my blog. There are several postings in the archive about the subject found on the bottom of the page. Use the search bottom or browse the archive to get inspired.

Energy exchange: 90 min. 144€/$180



Name vibration mini-reading.

As a means of incorporating and reinforcing certain divine attributes or soul aspects, it is very powerful to change your name, if you feel guided to. I am often asked if I can help in channeling a name, that is more in alignment with who you truly are or that can support you in getting there. It is a naturel desire that emerges as you become more and more open to embrace your divinity and the truth of who you are. So I have decided to offer mini-readings that will give you a name, its meaning/vibration, that will assist you in coming into the “wholeness/holiness” of who you truly are.

Energy exchange:




NEW: Podcasts

Resurrection Of The Feminine Christ and Cosmic Christ Activation 

This guided initiation is an activation and download of Feminine Christ codes for the new Golden Age. To accelerate the Reeemergence of the Goddess and the birthing of the Cosmic Christ a divine dispensation of Feminine Christ codes has been given, which I was granted the privilige of being a conduit for in a ceremony at the Solstice December 21st 2018. In this ceremony that was overlighted by Lord Sananda, Jeshua and Mary Magdalen a tantric cauldron for the divine feminine and divine masculine twinflames was formed to merge and allow for this cosmic anointing, the cosmic marriage of the two becoming ONE of your divine feminine and masculine aspects in their purest healed form. This is a recording of the guided meditation and emanation, that you can tune into and receive in the eternal NOW. 

The chants in this meditation are by beautiful and gifted soul sister singer and channel Stellar, whose voice emanates the encodings of the divine feminine and are attuned to the frequency 432 Hz of divine love. You can buy her music via Bandcamp. The Track listings are as follows:

1. Virtue – Mother Mary
2. Magdalene Code Activation II
3. Divine Harmony
4. Abwun D’Bwaschmaja (Lords Prayer)

Her website to purchase is
and her website is:

Cosmic Christ Emanation of the Lords Prayer in Aramaic
produced by Grammy Award nominated composer, producer and musician, Craig Pruess: 

Energy exchange:

40 min. 13 Euros/16$



Guided release and clearing meditation. 

Stepping out of your story and re-connecting with your I Am Presence.

A 50 min guided journey thru your body to release all that no longer serves you and inhibits you from embracing and re-connecting with your I Am Presence. Your body and cell memory hold an akashic record of all the experiences, that you have had in this lifetime and all past incarnations (co-existences) in this reality and in all parallel realities. Every thought, emotion, experience, words spoken and unspoken hold an energy, a certain vibration, that is part of your current energetical body make up, as well as the I-dentity, the entire storyline, that you created for this incarnation experience. To fully embody your I Am Presence it is vital to cleanse these energies, as they are surrounding you like layers surrounding an onion, which hold you back from connecting with and vibrating in and as your soul´s essence and living as your true authentic self. It will support you in releasing and clearing your bodies and auric field of all dense, negative and outdated energies, that no longer serves you on your path in the unfoldment of your soul´s essence. It is a guided journey thru your body, where you adress and direct different parts of your body to release these energies with the support of your guides, the ascended masters and angelic hosts. The meditation is also very helpful to release deep trauma of any kind especially in combination with forgiveness work. An audio mp3 file will be send to your email adress for download, after I have received your payment.

Energy exchange:

50 min. 22 Euros/27$



Collective womb cleansing and re-connecting with your ecstatic body.

A healing ritual by Mary Magdalen, which clears your womb from all stored emotions, images and memories of the past, that keeps you from allowing yourself to truly feel. Because of past trauma and deep wounds on our divine feminine and masculine aspects, we have closed down our ability to feel and dis-connected from our ecstatic body and closed our heart. Instead a painbody was created thru a continual “feeding” of negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and a re-occuring of pain and fear, an energetical hologram, that holds us in the past and maintains us in divine separation. Thru the cleansing ritual, we will be able to open up our hearts much wider and begin to feel to a much greater degree, we will step out of the programming of the past and will start to experience more balanced and loving relationships with self and others (in particular with the other gender) thru creating balance with our divine feminine and masculine aspects.  An audio mp3 file will be send to your email adress for download, after I have received your payment.

Energy exchange:

50 min. 22 Euros/$27


One-to-One spiritual support/mentorship

In times of radical change, deep transformation or life crises of any kind, we may feel the need for temporary assistence and support. We might find ourself in situations, where our world seems to fall apart and we do not know anymore who we are and where we are going. In the midst of such turmoil a one-to-one spiritual mentorship can be a great help and support to gain clarity, step into power and align with our path and divine purpose.

For this purpose I offer one-to-one spiritual support and mentoring, which will give you access to continual assistence on your path for any length of time. The purpose of this is not to do the things for you, but to empower you to do it yourself, to master your lessons on your own with the aim of stepping into your power and embrace the higher aspect of your soul, your I Am presence. To realize and let go of all limitations and finally become an embodiment of love and creator of the world you crave to live in. Please contact me to know more and we will find a solution, that cater for your needs. As an example I offer a module of 3 months continual support which includes one monthly session of choice, one weekly Skype couching of 30-60 minutes and email support every 3 days. This can be booked one month at a time.

Energy exchange per month 444 Euros.

For more information and bookings please send me an email and we can discuss the details. Please email to:

Payments via credit card or Paypal. Please ask if you prefer to pay in another way.

Activations and attunements:

I will also do whatever activations and attunements, that you are ready for, that I am guided to perform. My cosmic parents are Jeshua and Mary Magdalen and I am sometimes guided to activate the christ star (which is an etheric crystal), that assist us in embodying christ consciousness, but also a spiritual tool to enhance all our spiritual gifts. The christ star is given to all who are part of the ascension process in divine timing either directly or with the assistence of a channel. The same goes for the threefold christflame, which I am also guided to activate, if it serves your divine purpose at this point of time. It is amongst my greatest joy, when I am guided to activate your angel I Am and assist you in the opening of your angelic wings, which is a true celebration and homecoming.


If you feel called to support my ongoing work of anchoring heaven-on-earth, please feel free to share a donation from your heart. I have devoted myself to concentrate on my spiritual call and therefore do not have any “regular” job to sustain me, but devote all my energy and free time to my spiritual service. Your donation is deeply appreciated by the Most High. God gives thru those hands that are ready to receive. Donations can be send via Paypal to my email


Thank You beloved SiStar Linda 💖 For staying with me all the way to the deepest buried treasures witin 💖 💎💖 For expanding with me beyond the beyond 💫 I am deeply grateful and in complete blissland 💖🙃✨ Your sharings are magical 💐 💖Inger Arnes, Denmark

Thank you Linda for carrying me into the “wonderland of our true essence” yesterday night. I would love to hug the whole world …. there is soooooo much peace and bliss today, like having reached an other level of sensing / feeling my-Self. Sylvia Maria Berger, Germany

If you want to align your Soul with it’s most Divine Path!! Connecting with ANGELic Linda Grace Antara Ma is the perfect investment in your Highest Path’s calling!!! She has a magical way of knowing the most aligned path to navigate your Souls journey. If you are ever in doubt or feeling lost in life, Grace’s insights and heart will lead you back HOME!!! So Blessed to know and Love this ANGEL!!!
Ava Deiki “Raw Beauty in Action”, United States

Dear sister, allow me here to share my gratitude regarding the beautiful session I had with you last week and our beloved Kuthumi.
It was purely magical in every aspect. It was not a typical session as you acted as a conduit and channel for the healing energy of Master Kuthumi and held the space. You did it with so much generosity, trust and peace… What can I say? The energy level was one of the highest I have experienced. So much love , peace, oneness and beauty…I really felt it was zero point and I felt deep healing, a greater expansion of my third eye, rise of the kundalini, recalibration and expansion. I felt bliss, peace, calm and vastness. I also found my higher-self in one of the clearest vision I ever had and my life purpose was given to me and it was crystal clear and resonated in each of my cells. A lot of downloads also happened during the session and at the end I saw myself bathed in that magenta purple light

It was a blissful experience and it was a call. These unique session you facilitate , really clear, activate and heal at the dna level to get you fully ready to start the work. My beloved sister, I am really grateful to you, more than words can express.

So I recommend this to any healer, teacher willing to unlock his or her soul potential. Come with no expectations, for each session is unique but they are all equally magical and bring all unique and unexpected gifts.

Namaste to you Grace! How precious you are !

Your sister in light
Leantara Shah, Singapore

I write here cuz i had a session with Grace today. before I meet with her, i reflect on my own self and carry with me, with utmost sincerity what i believe is needed to be healed in me. In my case, I had a lot of sorrow that i was holding on and I needed to sort this emotion in me. I know better that when we enter a session with no hangups or preconceived notion and take with us, what we have already reflected upon our own selves, a mirror will be shown to reflect on what we missed seeing in us. I thought i was sad and she showed me my hidden anger as well. I recognized it, acknowledged it, and accepted to work with myself. If this had not been shown, I would have allowed my ego to think that i had been betrayed or cheated upon all of which does not reflect my true self. I was stuck in a web of illusion i had created myself and thought that i was caught in it. it is so simple to break free but we assume that we are bound by chains and stay stuck unless someone else tells us, break free, it is just an illusion that u r bound. Most of us know this already but we dont really apply it in our own life. Knowing is different from being. Grace channeled Kuthumi, one of the high masters and I went into this deep space of stillness where there was no judgement, no anger, no illusion, no hangups and was totally free. I recognized that I was the one holding me captive. I felt released in that void and experiencing freedom. Freedom from my thoughts, and preconceived notions that i was unconsciously imposing on myself. Void was a open area of utter silence and peace. I did not like coming out of it during the session but when I did, I realized I can go there any time I want. I had it in me all along and didnt even recognize it or use this space. My heart felt thanks to Grace for leading me there and for the ascended masters that helped me find my true SELF. I intend to connect regularly for sessions with Grace to connect with my own Higher Self. . when I look at her during the session, i do not see another person in front of me. I see my own self reflected in her. Its just awesome.
Anu Kamakshi, United States

This is real. A skype session with Grace set me free from the pain of losing a loved one. It had been 5 years and I couldn’t let go. My life has changed dramatically for the better.
Carrie Christensen, United States

Thank you, Grace Elohim, for an incredible channelled session, that truly spoke as truth to my heart and soul. Much has shifted in my world since receiving the lovely words of guidance from my Lemurian family. Sprit and I are working together at a pace and intention that has allowed me to step more fully into my soul calling, and move deeper into my connection with All That Is. Your ongoing support and friendship has been a gift, and I am so grateful to have found you (again). Peace be with you always, Sister. Know that the multitudes in the Mer world as well as all worlds celebrate your willingness to share your light.

Elizabeth Weniger Frakes, Oregon

I recently received a healing & reading from Grace Elohim the effort and care she put into it. My session with Grace was not only enlightening, but also transforming. Most importantly, it validated some things I knew intuitively but hadn’t acknowledged. I gained insight on where my focus should be. I have been grounding and shifting so much and feel better as those things have eased off a bit, not as intense. I feel so much lighter and like a whole new me, a re-birth. Her talent is truly a gift that has been provided for the purpose of bringing answers to individuals like me. Grace has a way of making you feel as though you are being held in the arms of the entire universe.

Beth Dickson, North Carolina, USA

Dearest Grace, I am forever and always will be grateful for our session together. We “found” each other on facebook through a mutual friend – it was meant to be. Before I contacted you I read every day the amazing posts that you put on fb. I love the pure wisdom and love that flows from you and I was drawn to contact you.
I was in an extremely depressed state (suicidal, in fact). I have had depressive bouts for the last 40 years and this was by far the worst one. You were extremely down to earth and very easy to talk to. You started to speak you said that Mary was talking through you. You asked me to repeat some very simple words. It was a few weeks later when I recieved the benefit of the session.It is a bit tricky to put this into words. The results from the session are more than I could have dreamed …. With ease I have found myself – I know who I am – I am awakened – I believe – I know the truth. I feel so joyfully blissful. I feel the love in the universe and I can surround myself with it – I love myself totally as I love all other beings totally. I am in love………….. what a place to be. I understand that I am vibration and energy ….as all else is. I understand that when I pass away I do not die and my spirit will live on in perfection. I understand that all is perfect in our world and that human beings are here to co-create with divine beings and that we are all working together in an ever expanding universe. I understand that our birthright is joy ♥♥♥
You gently and lovingly guided me. The understanding and appreciation I feel for you will for evermore shine in my heart and soul dearest Grace…Thank you – forever in gratitude……….my angel sister of light….I love you totally and forever ♥♥♥
We are universally as one

Keren Tregidgo, United Kingdom

I was having trouble moving past a loved one, Lonnie who was killed right in front of me. It was a devastating loss, I grieved him for 5 years and resigned myself to this defeated feeling, until I would make my transition. I was in the process of writing about him and lost my Motivation after a few years of struggling. I had a skype session with Grace to help me move forward with my writing. We worked on that, but also what seemed like my endless grief over Lonnie. A few weeks after our session I noticed I wasn´t sad anymore. I couldn´t believe it, I was free and I´ve been going strongth for 2 months, I truly feel the sadness has been released. Also “out of the blue”, I stopped watching TV, which was tough, because that was (had been) my escape. I began to have more energy, my concentration improved and I started to lose weight, which upleveled my life in every area. Lastly, I had placed a free ad on a writer´s Website 6 months Prior. About 2 weeks after my session with Grace, someone called and asked me to join their Group, that was Meeting for the first time, 2 blocks from my house.! My Nonfiction novel is finally moving along and I have faith now, that is will be completed. Miracles, Magic, Alignment with source? You pick! It doesn´t matter to me what you call it, I just know Grace facilitated These jumps in my life to get me back on track. Thank you Grace.

Carrie Christensen, La Habra, California

My heart was heavy and unsure for a long while and my sense was that it was connected to my relationship with my father. This I didn’t share with Grace initially, yet she knew and she took me to that dark and painful place ever so gently and carefully. I knew I could trust her and we centered ourselves together to bring forgiveness and healing to dad and my relationship. As we spoke the words of forgiveness and love and as I set my dad free I felt an instant removal of the heaviest block within my heart. I felt and saw it blast out of me and a white flurry of a million butterflies -whoosh, the fluttered up from my heart and hovered over my head and into all the amazing space around me. I am still sitting in that warm space as I write and my heart feels joined with my dad and Grace and love and light like a million butterflies.
I never could find the key to the door to unlock this darkness between my dad and I, and here in this moment Grace simply handed it me and we could celebrate together the incredible goodness of Life. No longer do I need to endlessly seek love and approval from my dad or others, I have found that I am love and I am resting in this place longing to share with others. Grace is truly sharing spirit freely and though our session was via skype, I could feel her love and care and energy as though we were right together in this room. I appreciate every little thing Grace, and I am thankful you are sharing your gifts and working this way. Keep on and know I hold you in my heart,
always! With much love and aloha,

Corry MacDonald
(in Japan and Kauai)

My healing session with Grace was so powerful, that the benefits are still happening weeks after our initial session.Grace has the unique talent of penetrating through all of thelayers to get to the core of the matter and see your soul init’s perfect beauty. I have experienced many major breakthroughs in my life since my session with Grace and I am justso thankful for being lead to her. She is truly a very genuineand gifted channeler/lightworker and a beautiful soul.

Tracey Berry – Pennsylvania

The most impressive thing for me was, that Grace interacted on a very normal, comfortable level with me. Not using
esoteric, fluffy-puffy words or pretentious unnecessary vocabulary to demonstrate/pretend any kind of spiritual power.
Instead she was grounded, open, ready with suitable suggestions and comments. More going the way with me instead
of commanding or directing. So there was an open space in which I could just be without judgements and feel into myself
and work with myself. I had a major breakthrough in this session and I feel like I have never felt before in my life. I
thank you so much, dear Grace.

Grace is clear every word that comes from her lips is a blessing, and in opening our hearts, even if the mind does not grasp what is said, the heart will. Absolute confidence in this woman.
Bharati Ishaya, United States

Ingrid Höhl, Germany

My Dearest Sis Grace, just wanted to keep in touch & give you my Heartfelt Thanks. I have changed so much, since I got the message you so lovingly passed on to me. I’m no longer sad & lonely.. i have opened my Heart & welcomed my Family of Light & specially Adama..♥ I feel happy & wanted. Its all thanks to You & Adama. I Am extremely Grateful to Adama for giving me this message of Hope, its like He has lit a candle of Hope in my Heart. And its all Thanks to YOU Beloved ♥ Sis ♥ Grace ♥ for passing on His message. It has changed my Life. I had lost all hopes in my life due to certain circumstances and your message has given me so much happiness! You have brought me back to life! ♥ God Bless you & Your Loved Ones Abundantly..With Love & Gratitude..

Ms. Mehroo Fitter. From Bombay (Mumbai), India. Tel: Cell: 9892301883.

Sharing from my heart my experience with Grace and the session she did for me.
Where to start, well, the first words were such a strong invitation to stillness and truth, that the rest of the words went straight in and resonated so deeply.
The energy was so deeply moving and I knew i was being held in sacred space. What happened next was so beautiful because as i read, the words unlocked memories and feelings and deep strong emotion, which flowed out of me as i recognized the truth in wat was written and being offered as a huge opportunity for transformation and healing around that which much suffering and unhappiness stemmed from. A portal of healing nurturing supportive energy was so present, that i was enveloped in its beauty and could just let go, and let it all transform.I felt so honoured and loved the whole way thru and continue to be held in such a loving space, as the transformation continues, and as each day passes, my energy is becoming light light light, and i can feel the flow of joy and openess, sweetness and love more and more as i anchor in to the present.
Thankyou Grace for your purity and BEAUTIFUL heart, and for sharing that with me thru this session.

Ioa Gaia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Byron Bay, New South Wales

The Healing; insights and wisdoms gained from the Sessions were overwhelming & life-changing. This healing brought me to a new wonderful level of personal, spiritual & soul growth that I deeply needed. The effects were immediate & ongoing … influencing & enriching my personal self & the healing work I do for others and making it all so much more pure & powerful …. Thankyou Grace …you truly are AMAZING … Her counsel & help meant so much to me. Much love & Blessings from my heart to yours Grace… ♥♥♥

Love & Blessings,
Catherine Holdsworth Australia

I would like to share with you my deepest thanks for your
work and connections. The shifts in my life have been
significant, to say the least!lol..I have such a peacefulness now where there was anger and frustration before. My back pain has eased up and I have regained my wings. Both
figuratively and physically. A bird slammed head first into our window about 2 weeks ago and died in my hands. It was a gift that is not easily explained. The spiritual aspects of that were so profound. My life is going full on strong and so much is happening so quickly since our first session.

Jill Gunther Brady, Brush Prairie, WA

Now I sit in the grace of this moment .. with the incredible
grace of the sacred space your soul offers…. and you truly do offer the gift of your souls name… Grace Elohim….
through sitting with you in the ethers for a moment .. i came to remember mysoul, my golden sphere of light….
goddessence …and now the greatest gift is .. i am offered to
embrace my soul fully .. and accept who i really am…
an evolved spirit in a body …. here to be of service to all.

Aquara Soma, United Kingdom

Dear Linda, a humble thank you for the most fantastic distant healing I have ever experienced of my knee, which has been thru an extensive operation for apx. 3 and a half month ago. After you healed it, I didn´t feel anything other than deep peace till the following day, which was a special and extraordinary experience. The next day in the morning my knee was as if it had never been operated on … my splintered knee felt like a new one, there were no pains and the liquid in the knee was gone and my leg was totally flexible and could bend like my other one. It is simply amazing and I offer you my humble gratitude and thanks. Your talents are absolutely unique and your energy vibrating on such a very high frequency and it is very gentle and pure, so I am urged to take advantage of your your healing abilities again. Thank you for coming into my life. You make a huge difference in my life. Love,

Lisia, Denmark

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