The birthing of the divine feminine ray beyond ALL RELIGIONS.



Post the solar eclipse of last week I have been held inside a sort of vacuum or incubator, which I already posted about. This was to allow for the upgrades and solar encodings to integrate on the physical level and “prepare the soil”… this has been a very taxing period, that personally left we pretty worn out, but I realise now I was also being prepared for what I went thru last night. In the early morning I came back from dreamstate from a ceremony with Elders, which seemed to be of mayan origin, because I saw the symbol Hunab Ku displayed, the cosmic butterfly. As part of the ritual there was a certain decree affirmation we were presented with, that was shown in two languages english and spanish and it affirmed in the name of Maria Madalena a certain decree. It was a ritual to anchor a new dispensation of the divine feminine ray, that transcends ALL RELIGION. Gathered were Elders, earth keepers, who have signed up for this particular task. Before this part of the “dream” I had (held) a new born…. radiant as a crystal with a kind of grass hair-dress, which was almost woven into the body tissue, which I was puzzled about. I was being a caretaker for this precious crystaline child, which was androgynous (no gender or if you like both genders merged into ONE).. a symbol for where we are at right now as an ascending human species.  And I gather that this new ray of the divine feminine will further this next evolutionary stage. I asked my guides after I woke up why Mary Magdalen was involved with the mayan elders as she is not part of their culture/religion. My guides said that there are sisterhoods in all cultures that is beyond religion, that serves the same purpose, namely to anchor the divine feminine. Mary Magdalen, though she is seen as a christian figure, has nothing to do with religion seen on a cosmic scale. But she is the embodiment of the divine feminine ray and playing an important role in the new golden age to anchor the energy of the feminine christ and reinstore divine balance. This incubation was done to further stabilize and anchor the divine feminine and the earths kundalini and those who participated and were signed up for this as earth keepers are inititated specifically as incubators carrying the seed of the divine feminine christ. Again I was told that women must step forward and raise to their divine role as spiritual leaders of the new earth. Actually I have been looking like being pregnant in my third trimester since the solar eclipse. This morning the pressure (the labor) and bloated feeling I have had the last 4 days have settled more or less. For sure we are going thru epic changes on all levels, being prepared, incubated, initiated to higher states of consciousness no matter where we are on our spiritual path and what particular purpose we are serving. As divine feminine spaceholders/earth keepers we are certainly being taken to the next level. We are all feeling it on one level or the other. We are here to be the change ~ Grace Solaris

Artist unknown: Please provide name in comments to give the artist due credit, if anyone know the name of the artist. Thank you.

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