The calling has gone out from Mother. Be her eyes, be her voice, be her message. You signed up for this.


I feel we have entered a kind of vaccum of no time… a recalibration space of introspection…. I for one feel this space very strongly since the Feast of the Magdalen July 22nd… there is a stillness that permeates everything and yet a lot of things are going on “back stage”… offering a healing safe space as we move closer towards the Great Mother Lions Gate and the accompanying lunar eclipse (the day before)… this is going to be a powerful one beyond anything we have experienced, so make use of this opportunity to get rid of all emotional baggage and outdated behavioral patterns, that keeps you disempowered, co-dependent and unauthentic. Get those vocal chords ready to roar and give your unmistakenly YES to the power within you, that claims your ground, your power, your truth and sovereignty and get ready for a “sirious” upgrade, that will enable you to show up more authentic than ever, making use of your spiritual gifts and talents, to  impart the calling to the masses to wake up to the reality beyond the reality… to realise that nothing is as it seems. The calling has gone out from Mother to return to the ways of the heart, to become still .. to trust in your heart and listen to your feelings, to leave the rational and give space to your intuition, to trust beyond what your physical eyes can see, to stand your ground without compromise and say NO if and when your heart says so. Loving unconditionally does NOT imply letting others play with you, disrespect you and use you as a projection screen for their surpressed, denied, wounded self. Giving in and going into resonance out of pity does not serve anyone, rather showing up authentically as your most powerful version is inviting them to come along… whether or not they are ready to this, is their choice and thus not your responsability. BEing true to thyself, is holding the space for others to be the same. Trueness can only be born out of trueness. Pleasing others is compromising your true self. Time to BE 100% true, to feel and act according to your heart intellegence and 3rd eye vision, which is mother´ s vision. Be her eyes, be her voice, be her message. You signed up for this. ~ Grace Solaris

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