The escalation of the divine feminine can no longer be ignored.. it is the seed, that will ensure our planet´s ascension and the reemergence of garden eden within your being. The goddess is sweeping over the planet right now and preparing the ground for the seeds to be planted…


The rising of the divine feminine, the Shekinah, is escalating with great momentum… it is like a surge…. a roaring power sweeping over our planet and thru our being….. demanding to be heard, demanding to be honored. Depending on our willingness and openness to surrender and give our unreserved yes, she will come in whatever form needed for us to embrace her. It is no longer a matter of whether we want to or not. Everyone currently living on this planet will be “ordained” to live in her spirit by divine decree, if they intend to ascend with this planet. By choosing to be here, we have chosen to support the reemergence of the goddess and reinstall divine harmony on the planet. But how to do that you may ask…
The goddess is fluid… moving, divine flow… matter in motion… living in her spirit means letting ourself be guided and “taken” by the flow of life in each moment without resistance… trusting in the naturel flow and unfoldment of life itself… it means ceaseing to question and doubt and give our power away to ego-censorship… but rather cultivate trust and divine faith, that everything works in our favour. The notion of pro or against doesn´t exist in 5D, there is no good or evil… solely pure grace. However when we step into the river of life and walk upstream we disturb the divine flow… we create noise and friction… we can no longer hear the soft whispering of the goddess and live in her spirit… thru our resistance we bring ourself out of the divine flow. Surrendering to the divine flow is a giving away of our self and becoming instruments of the goddess and as we open our heart and being we become one with the cosmic pulse and the heart beat of Gaia… we transcend mind´s and (ego`s) need to controle, which is the way out of the prison of linearity… the grid of separtion, that disconnects us from our divine potential and divine essence. Goddess teaches us that thru BEing rather than doing, we move with the flow of life, we become cauldrons of grace and the eternal flow of love and life. We have been taught that nothing can be done without hard work and effort (our doing), however the Goddess tells us, that the universe works the other way round. It is thru vibration (BE-ing), that creation is birthed. The seed of creation is one of vibration. Each living thing, each thought, each action is a seed of vibration, that will grow into something thru action (moving of matter). We need to return to the way of the goddess. We need to become seeds of creation and surrender to life. Life follows the flow of evolution and divine plan, that we are all part of. You cannot force upon life to have it your way. Ego may believe it can, but it is a fatamogana created by ego to believe you are in controle. The more you resist and aim to be in controle, the more you suffer and feel out of controle, because you are going against naturel law. The divine feminine is demanding to come at the forefront in your life, to be honored and given space to be implemented in your life, so that divine harmony may be re-installed. The divine masculine cannot hold the vibration of 5D without its counterpart the divine feminine, which is the reason, that the divine feminine is paving herself forward in our being to be integrated, as the light frequency of the earth has moved into the frequency band width of 5D and the disintegration of the old earth (3D) earth matrix is completed. It is up to each one of us to give equal space for the divine counterparts, the yin and yan of existence to express themselves in holy union within our heart and every cell. The divine union of the divine feminine and masculine is the blossoming of existence, the fruit of Garden Eden, which is a frequency, that is innate to your being, the new heaven on earth, that you came here to reclaim. ~ Grace Solaris


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