The importance of sexual energy (kundalini) for our ascension and the need for healing of the divine feminine to reinstore divine union within.


As a response to the “me too” movement I have decided to share a scribe, which I have not yet published, as I wanted to use it for a specific purpose and now seems the moment. It adresses the programming, that women have been subject to and the “legalised” abuse of women, that has taken place thru thousands of years up till date. It is time not only to speak up and stand tall in our power, but to reclaim our “lost virginity”, because that is basically what has happened. We have been raped and molested not only on a physical or energetical level, but we have been declassified as less-than and made into “ownership” of men and the patriachy. It is time this comes to an end and so I will share some insights, that will help you to see these patterns within self and to understand why it is vital to heal these wounds.

The importance of sexual energy (kundalini) for our ascension
and the need for healing of the divine feminine to reinstore divine union within.

After the fall of Atlantis the controlling forces started a program to erase the divine feminine. This was aimed to take over controle and using the wisdom for egoistic agendas and getting into power.

This program was systematically imprinted in the collective mind of humanity and supported by several key beliefs, that was created to amputate humanity (removing our sovereign power) and create division from Source, God/Goddess and the divine self thru fear. But also to obliterate the Cosmic Sisterhood, the divine shepard of earth´s evolution and the divine feminine aspect of creation itself.

The core keys were basically as follows:

The feminine per se is guilty, less-than, not worthy, undeserving, unreliable and shameful.
Sexuality is only to be used for the purpose of procreation.
Sexuality is surrounded by much shame especially in regards to women.
Feelings are not to be trusted, only what is linear hands-on visible is valid.
Intuition is not to be trusted and is misleading.
Women are nothing without a man and dependent on him.
The female gender is weak and lacking power and wisdom.

In the course of history women have experienced much condemning, persecution and abuse apart from the consistent manipulation, that has systematically taken place. (This applies for both men and women) as men currently incarnated in a male body have had these experience in other timelines (incarnations) as women but also thru the collective mindbody we are all imprinted with these energies.

The cosmic role of the divine feminine:

The womb is a portal to the cosmic field of consciousness and the keeper of divine truth, an ever evolving consciousness, an akashic record held alive by the divine feminine and sisterhood of all cultures and races, the Cosmic Sisterhood, throughout the ages. Those of us that are currently incarnated in female bodies are connected thru this vast field of consciousness thru our gift of intuition, we can access this field, as wisdom keepers and conduits of the sacred grail codes, the sacred wisdom held in our womb. As such we are librarians with access to the fountain of life, the lifegiving force that reigns the multiverse of all life. As women incarnates we are obligated as patrons of the divine wisdom, that governs and creates all life and thru our body awareness, we can access this wisdom and indeed it is our very purpose to do so, to serve the planet. It is our galactic role as the divine feminine is the naturel principal for the evolution of the universe.

Living from the heart. Doing thru being, the way of the divine feminine. Feelings the language of the heart.

The divine feminine source is indeed powerful and a great manifestor, however she manifestates in a different manner than the divine masculine, that is naturally more controling, outward, active and lead by linear thinking and logic (left brain). The divine feminine is more of an instrument, she listens, intuits and surrenders and aligns/communicates with the flow of life and is lead from within by her emotions (right brain) and her connection to the cosmic field of consciousness (womb wisdom). So you may say things happen more thru her being than thru her doing. Whereas the divine masculine as her counterpart, acts in the opposite way. Thru her womb the divine feminine is aligned with the cosmic wisdom field of consciousness, which guides her and governs her being.

Originally when we left source we were no-gender beings, but as we left source, we adapted into beings with a female and masculine side, two aspects, that were both important to keep us connected and aligned to source and being in divine balance and unity with all-that-is. This is what caused the search for our other half or twin. Actually the twinflame is nothing but a re-union of our divine feminine and masculine aspects within. This divine union indeed can be reflected on the outside when achieved thru a person by a lover, that mirrors this back to us. This however is often connected with much pain, when the inner divine union of the two into one is incomplete. But that is another discussion.

The importance of Shakti, the primordal sexual energy (kundalini)

Those who had a secret agenda to take over dominion knew of the role of the divine feminine and also knew of the principle and power of the divine feminine as the holy key to creation itself… as the leading principle. The divine feminine is the keeper of divine wisdom and the cauldron, the womb from which all life evolves, she holds the gestation seed to all life as she is an expression of Shakti, the primordal sexual energy, which is nothing less than the creative life force itself. It is the most powerful expression of the divine…. hence all the talk about women being the weaker gender is a total joke and the reminiscence of this old programming. This primordal energy has been worshipped in many cultures as deities Pele (hawaian), Kali (hindu), Innana (sumeria), Ishtar (greek), Ostara (germanic) to name a few.

Christianity was subject to a thorough manipulation and the holy scriptures and the bibel was censored and edited to propagate the masculine as the leading force and principle, and men as superior to women (and the divine feminine). Everything that mentioned and honored the divine feminine was cut out and erased. The two main female charakters of the bible were turned into two important archetypes that were imprinted in the collective mind programming, that is part of our current dna:

Archetypes: The virgin and the whore

Mother Mary – archetype of the virgin (untouched free from all sexuality) who was praised as she was chosen to being the mother of Jesus. (Women are of no use other than for pro-creation)

Mary Magdalen – archetype of the whore (the exact opposite of Mother Mary and as such condemned/guilty)

These two images were imprinted for us to identify with and along with that we were already impregnated with guilt and shame alone by being women, so inevitably we took over the image of ourself as the shameful one (the whore). Along that hundreds of years of persecution and killing of empowered women (visionaries, psychichs, medicine women, healers, priestesses, witches ect). kept us in fear of taking on our feminine power, using our gifts of clairvoyance and intuition and expressing our truth. This was all aimed to keep us small and dependent on men and the leading priesthood, that took copyright on being intermediates of God).

And in several other cultures the women have a lesser status than men. I am just focusing on christianity as this came to be the most important religion in modern times, because of a systematic propaganda that swept over the planet aiming to erase the divine feminine from earth´s surface and pollute existing (native) religions.

The intellect (mind/thinking) being superior to heart (feelings)
Overly focus on left brain logic to right brain intuitive wisdom)

The divine feminine wound is not only imprinted in the collective mind, but is also handed over by conception thru the dna. As this programming has been the foundation of the paradigm of the piscean age, which is an evolutionary stage in humanity´s consciousness, we have mostly grown up in environments, where the divine feminine attributes were repressed, rejected and denied. This again caused deep wounds on the inner child, as it was punished and condemned, when aligned with the divine feminine within… it was conditioned to not show its feelings, conditioned to believe feelings are not trustworthy and that anything that is not explainable and provable intellectually is not valid and non-sense. By moving our focus from our heart into our head we lost access to our intuition and the womb wisdom, that is our innate connection to source and to our divine purpose as wisdom keepers and patrons of earth´s evolution. It is thru marrying the two, thought and emotion, that we become whole balanced beings, it thru thinking with our heart, that we become empowered co-creators with the divine.

Inner child wounds a result of a repressed divine feminine aspect

Children are naturally connected to the cosmic kundalini energy, that flows thru all life as an expression of the divine feminine. But as this energy was deliberately turned into something shameful and called sexual energy, the kundalini channels that caters for the distribution of the kundalini energy between the chakras (energy centers in the body) often become blocked and or closed down. And the child that is judged and condemned in its naturel expression starts to adapt the patterns of judging and condemning self, it begins to reject these unwanted parts of self and so the I-dentity starts to become fragmented and divided within and most of all separated from the inner divine source of love wisdom. This creates a split personality feeling lack of self love and feeling shameful of itself, which keeps it disempowered and fearful of being itself. (self alienation) All these aspects that have been rejected needs to be embraced and integrated for us to become whole beings again, for us to return home to our divine innocence.

Indications of wounds on the divine feminine & the need for healing

How do you know if you still carry wounds on the divine feminine aspect in you (goes for men and women)….? Well if you are in a relationship have a deeper look or if not how is your relation and interaction with the other gender in generel? Do you feel honored and respected, do you feel seen and loved unconditionally for who you are, do you feel free to speak up your truth and share your emotions freely without fear of repurcussions, or do you feel restricted and limited in your self expression, do you often feel hurt, rejected or belittled or emotionally abused, then there is an evidence of one or more wounds on your divine feminine aspect of self.

So to reclaim our power and to reinstore whole-ness within it is critical, that we heal the wounds on the divine feminine and erase the shame-programming in our body, mind and emotional bodies. Shame (is a very destructive expression of fear) is the most powerful mean to keep someone small, disempowered and most of all keep us divided from the womb wisdom, that we have naturel access to when we cultivate our intuition and the divine feminine attributes and making use of our ability to feel. To become the powerful co-creators that in truth we are, we must reclaim our right to be free expressions and embodiments of the divine feminine, to embrace our purpose as being shepards of divine wisdom and cauldrons for the Shakti energy. It is thru feeling that we are given access to our womb wisdom, the akashic field of consciousness.

We must allow ourself to being free expressions of the Shakti energy and no longer respond to the projections of the shadowself of the repressed divine feminine and being shameful of showing our light, speaking our truth and standing in our power. We must trust and communicate thru our feelings and live from our heart. We must transcend the conditioning of living in the head from a linear logic mindset, but give both mind and heart equal rights to come to word. It is in the merging of the two, that our true potential is born.

Sexual energy/kundalini energy

Sexual energy is a wonderful and beautiful energy if used with wisdom and loving intent either it be to procreate life or to create art or tools of empowerment, beauty or harmony for the benevolence of all involved. It is only when it is used in a manipulative way for sexual egoic lust and personal gain, that it looses its beauty and true purpose. And indeed it is a means of attaining higher states of consciousness, if used in this sacred manner between lovers, a sacred gateway to God/Goddess. The sacred art of tantra was also practiced by Mary Magdalen and Jeshua to attain higher states of consciousness and merge with source and the vast field of divine intellegence and is was practiced in ancient India and Egypt as a tool for enlightenment.

The need for women to step up as leaders, as embodiments of the divine feminine principle

It is vital that we embrace our purpose and step up as the naturel leaders and wisdom keepers, that we are. Mary Magdalen spoke to me of the importance for women to step up as leaders, as the divine feminine principle is the leading principle and what insures divine harmony and the ascension of the planet to a new consciousness. The divine feminine in its healed form is naturally caring, nurturing and always considering what honors the whole and women have the divine insight thru their sacred womb to harvest the inspiration and wisdom needed to cultivate harmony, prosperity to all life without compromising anyone or anything. She is the leading principle, which acts out of oneness and always keeps in mind what honors the whole. The mother that loves all her children equally and unconditionally and keeps evolution alive and balanced. She is the promise of the new heaven-on-earth, where all life is honored as sacred, where nothing is more valuable or valid than other things. Divine equilibrium on all levels. She is the return of the christ en masse in the garment of the feminine christ. The re-emergence of the goddess beside God at the throne of One. Now is the time of the returning of the scepter to the divine feminine.

~ Grace Solaris.


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