The love of your life is within… dear men know the divine feminine aspect within is waiting to embrace you, cherish and love you and become your trusted consort


This is an invitation to all the men out there to join in the metoo movement to commit to connect with and healing their divine feminine aspect, so that they may attain divine balance within and the male and female aspects may join forces in divine union, which is the preequisite for your ascension and inner harmony.

So happy to witness that more and more men are opening up to their divine feminine aspect. Today I got a comment on one of my postings on the divine feminine a male friend of a fb friend, that was touched to his core by the posting I had been sharing about the collective divine feminine wound, it brought an immediate reconnection and awakening to this divine feminine principle of creation, that he had lost touch with. It is vital, that those of male gender realise, that it is paramount to heal their divine feminine aspect, as they too have wounds on their divine feminine aspect, and though they currently are inhabiting a male body, they have had numerous incarnations either as males or females, where they have been subject to thousands of years of manipulation and abuse, whether as abusers or as victims… this doesn´t matter. The abuser usually has great wounds on what he passes on to his victim and thru the collective womb and painbody, everyone has been subject to the consistent condemning and abuse on the divine feminine aspect within. Everyone whether currently in a male or female body has been subject to the programming and pampering of dna that was orchestrated to erase, discredit and disown the divine feminine aspect of creation and cause division within, division between the divine feminine and masculine aspect, division between the genders, divisions between wombman and god/goddess. When we left source we were androgynous beings (both male and female) in sacred union, this is the core of who we are, so it is of no importance if you are currently in a male or female body. All lifeform consists of a feminine and masculine aspect. It is basic to all life.

To attain divine balance within it is paramount to heal these wounds and to clear your system of the negative programming and beliefs surrounding the divine feminine. So I invite all those of male gender (and of course the women too) to feel into your divine feminine aspect within… how does she feel like… does she feel radiant, empowered and honored and free to express herself… or does she feel inferior, unworthy and shameful… has she been silenced, has she been betrayed? Has this played itself out on the outside and affected your relationship to women… ? Spend some time with her and get to know her, her feelings… have you rejected her, disowned her or abandoned her? Then it is time for you to invite her back into your life. She has so many gifts to share with you…. her wisdom, her intuition and psychic gifts… her nurturing compassionate heart and ability to surrender to the flow of creation, her silent strength…. it is time to give her back her scepter as the shepard of life.. it is time to give her the lead and so the divine masculine in you can implement and put into action her divine guidance and wisdom in a balanced way, that is in alignment with and in honor of the law of one, which she is obliged to honor, as the giver and sustainer of all life, always catering for the highest good of all involved… this however she can only do if honored and embraced in her divine excellence, as the patroness of all life. When you open up to her and get to know her, she will share her visions, her guidance and wisdom with you and support you in every way. And as you honor and embrace her, the alchemical merging of your divine feminine and masculine aspects in you will unite giving birth to the divine twin within. Your eternal beloved One.

Today I was also contacted by a male fb friend who felt called to have a Collective Womb Clearing…. I am so delighted! It is time for the goddess to rise, to reemerge within your being, so that she may fulfill her divine purpose as the naturel leader that she is in her divine role as a keeper and sustainer of all life. We are here to support you, not judge you. Trust you are deeply loved and supported by your sisters, who are instrinsicly part of who you are. Your divine consort, love of your life, mentor and friend is waiting for you… time to re-connect?

Below the comments from the friend of my fb friend, that speaks for itself.

~ Grace Solaris

“Dear Grace, thru Elsa I found you and I am thankfull for that. This text is razor sharp and shook my feminine aspect to the core. Biologically I am a man and I felt it touching and speaking to my loving, nurturing, connected to source, feminine-intuitive sensing part of my being. I am still vibrating from the recognition of this profound truth..this is soooooo crucial to understand and address.” Marco

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