The warrior aspect of the goddess is birthed thru owning both your divine feminine and masculine aspect


This is very much a time for women to rise, to reclaim their ability to reign as sovereign beings in their own authority. To reclaim their power and giving space for the Goddess “warrior” aspect to go centerstage. The Goddess is not merely about being compassionate, giving and loving. I believe to the most this part of the goddess is alive and thriving in most of women. No I speak about the fiery, confident, freedom loving heroine, that knows her worth and claims her right and desire to stand tall, speak her truth as a master of vibration and take responability for herself, her family and kin without any need to make herself dependent on the goodwill or acceptance of others, without needing validation from others especially not from men, because she is owning and applying her inner divine masculine aspect when and as it is needed. She knows and applies her divine strength and wisdom with passion to achieve her goals, which are always in alignment with divine will. The warrior nature in her however will never compromise or intimidate another being…. the least herself, but she will always act for the benefit of the greater whole, because any thing less would be compromising the innate wisdom and devotion to serve the Goddess to her best ability to which she has commited her life. It would be betraying her divine feminine aspect, which she cannot allow. Her behaviour will always bear witness of divine balance and respect to all life for the benevolence of all involved. The warrior aspect of the goddess is called for to create the much needed balance on the planet now. It starts from within and only those that do the inner work are granted the privilige of receiving the scepter of sovereignty

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