Wom(b)ens role to serve as holy grails for HUmanity in the Aquarian Age


Now is the time to reinstore the divine feminine principle within every man, every woman on this planet, to give back the scepter of governing to womankind. Not as a means of maternal dominion, which would only bring distortion and imbalance to the planet as it did in the past, but to ensure divine equilibrium and the reemergence of the goddess as the leading principle, which is her true purpose.

The womb, a cosmic field of consciousness, is the keeper of divine truth, an ever evolving consciousness and akashic record held alive by the sisterhood of all cultures and races, the cosmic sisterhood, throughout the ages. Those of us that are currently incarnated in female bodies are connected thru this vast field of consciousness thru our gift of intuition, we can access this field, as wisdom keepers and conduits of the sacred grail codes, the sacred wisdom held in the womb of the divine feminine within. As such we are librarians with access to the fountain of life, the lifegiving force that reigns the multiverse of all life. As women incarnates we are obligated as patrons of the divine wisdom, that governs and creates all life and thru our body awareness, we can access this wisdom and indeed it is our very purpose to do so, to serve the planet. It is our galactic role as the divine feminine is the naturel principal for the evolution of the universe. It is time to rid ourself of the fearbased wounded masculine behavioural patterns, that seek dominion thru rulemaking, controle and intellectual thinking. It is time to succumb to the consciousness field of womb intellegence in the understanding, that it implies no threat in any way whatsoever as it is based on the principle of divine union. By letting go of linear thinking, which holds us separate from the consciousness field of divine wisdom, we become akashic wisdom, we become the holy grails, we were destined to be whether in a female or male body. The womb consciousness field is accesible to all life, however it is the women who are the conduits and keepers of its wisdom (power), which is why the womb and the divine feminine principle was subject to disgrace, surpression and its almost obliteration throughout thousands of years of patriachal dominion, as well as the aim to destroy the cosmic sisterhood grid, that has been held in form since the beginning of time.  By understanding yourself as a holy grail and embracing this your most sacred of purpose, you automatically are able to access and interface with its consciousness to serve HUmanity, to bring about the golden age of wom(b)man kind, the Aquarian Age. Your time has come to rise as ONE. And it is time for mankind to hand over the scepter to wom(b)enkind and walk as ONE. It is time for the masculine principle to learn from wom(b)an and the divine feminine principle, to acknowledge her as a wisdomkeeper and the leading (r)evolutionary principle of life whether you are currently in a male or female body. And women it is time to come together as one to rid yourself of all the projected distrust towards the divine feminine principle and towards other women. It is time we acknowledge that we are one principle, one organic field of consciousness with a common purpose as servants to HUmanity which we can only fulfill if we acknowledge our oneness and the love that hold this infinite space of consciousness together as holy grails. Hence it is vital to heal and balance your inner divine masculine and feminine principles, which is the preequisite for divine equilibrium.




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