You are a unique extension of the divine feminine. You matter and play a vital role for the reemergence of the goddess. Your time has come to show up and speak up as her. She counts on you.



Solar winds of change are sweeping over the planet…. can you feel it… the divine feminine is rising, the light frequency is rising and we are called to gather and being present in our sacred heart space. The cosmic sisterhood is stepping forward urging each one of us to “prepare” ourself for a huge wave of divine feminine energy that will sweep over the planet the next weeks (and months), which will support us in grounding divine feminine key codes transmitted throughout the powerful weeks and months to come…. on the celebration of Mary Magdalene on her Feast Day July the 22nd a powerful portal will open to pave the way for these sacred encodings. We are urged to being FULLY present in our heart during this transformational gateway where a huge amount of ancient ancestral patriachal energies are surfacing demanding each one of us to step up in and as supreme beings of light. It is important for each of us to release and cleanse ourself of any limiting energies, beliefs and blocks, that keeps us small and in bondage of ego victimhood, it is critical that each of us… claim our mastery and sovereignty and step out of the bodice of patriachal ownership to become powerful anchors and conduits for the divine feminine energies. It is more important than ever, that we step up as shepards of divine truth as feminine leaders and live and rule from our heart, trusting in our intuition, letting ourself be guided by our feelings in integrity with our heart´s truth and knowing, especially when threatened and triggered by patriachal dominion and aims of controle, it is vital that we refrain from falling into the trap of “playing” the victim, but to vibrate in integrity with our true power. There is no real threat, there is no victim, no abuser in the sacred space of our heart.
With each of us stepping forth and reclaiming our ground, we l1ead the way for others to step up as sovereign beings of light…. the sisterhood is gaining territory to hold space for the divine feminine energy. Your time has come to show what you´ ve got, to show up in the face of patriachal superiority and ownership as “untouchable” owning who you are, being in integrity with your divine feminine power as a powerful leader and shepard of divine truth. There is no option given of failing, we are demanded to stand tall owning our power as ONE, the sisterhood is there offering her hand, it is up to you to step into the circle and owning your space. You matter, you make a difference, you are a unique expression and extension of the divine feminine, a unique voice for the goddess, that no one can replace. Your time is NOW to rise. Your time is now to speak up. ~ Grace Solaris –

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