You are HER coming and second to none


I am the HER in the many and the many in HER. It saddens my heart when I see rivalry amongst the sisters, amongst the children of God… who is more of me…. as my beloved Jeshua wisely says. The last ones shall be the first and the first ones shall be the last. Stop comparing and see yourself as separate. You shall never be and never was separate from HER. You are but one expression but never the less an expression of the ONE… a divine ray of the diamond heart of mother/father/god… how could you be less, how could you be more. When you truly understand your true nature, you will stop putting someone above or someone below you. You will realise and see HER face in every face you encounter… you will recognize HER token in every word spoken. You are enough. You are the ONE and second to none. You all are HER coming, be in this knowing. Kodoish, kodoish, kodoish. ~ Mary Magdalene

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