You are no one´s ownership, but your own creation


Change history and write herstory. Stop obeying, start creating, choose and reclaim your sovreignty. No body is going to give it to you freely, it is for you to claim. You are not in need of dependency. You are not in need of anyone´s permission. You are a sovreign co-creator. Grab your scepter and reign as the goddess shepard of creation that is your true galactic role. No more playing small, no more playing victim. You are no one´s ownership, but your own creation and as is everything in your reality. All that is created from the source from your heart honors and serves the whole. Do not play small, play for real. Write a new story of abundance, peace and harmony for all. No more division, only fruition, abundance, prosperity and creative flow from the infinite source of Mother´s heart. You are that. And no one are here to determine and rule over what is rightfully yours. Claim your scepter, rise to the power of her love. Cut the ties of dependency of a savior, of male dominion, you are free to BE in your own might and right. As you claim your scepter and stand tall, the he within shall fall on his knees and honor the  goddess within and serve you as the goddess, that you are. And this will be reflected bac to you on the external instantly. Together you shall build new worlds of love, unity, grace and divine harmony. ~ Grace Solaris

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